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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Book Batch 1

The list on the left are the last 24 books I've read (listened to).  Let's see what I can remember from each of these.  

I just posted the Shrew's Review of Georgia Peaches, so moving on to Sapiens.  This book was very interesting, and I will end up buying it because the last chapter raises a lot of ethical questions when it comes to genetic engineering and I'd like to be able to ponder them at leisure, rather than start/stopping the audio book.

The Kiss Quotient was basically the Bride Test (same author) just with the autistic roles reversed.  There were parts of the Kiss Quotient that made me laugh out loud.  I'd say the first half to two thirds were original and the last part fell into your basic romance rut.

Call Me By Your Name was a powerful read. 

Cuckoos Calling - a mystery and I sorta figured it out early on then spent the rest of the book doubting myself.  Seemed like everyone smoked in this - suspects, the detective, which I had to wonder if it was poking fun at those old whodunnits back in the day.

While I enjoyed the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I don't think I'm as crazy about it as the rest of the world was when it came out.  

The Winter of the Witch was the 3rd in a trilogy and the fact that I read all 3 tells you all you need to know.  I don't usually like trilogies but I loved this one.  It's warm and charming and has just a touch of magic like all fairy tales should.  The Girl in the Tower is #2.  This is one of those books that calls to you when you're not reading it.

Red Pencil had some very potent passages and I'd like to distill those into a full-length work with the same power.  

The rest are all a bit fuzzy.  I remember liking The Night Tiger and Librarian of Auschwitz - but don't remember much about how they ended.

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