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Monday, December 22, 2014

If I Giggle, It Posts....

There has been an ongoing banter with a coworker about my trip to England next year and somehow our witty exchanges have become cow-focused for several weeks now.  We even have a bet that I will not see a cow while I'm visiting.  (He's soooo going to lose). 

Always looking for a way to gain the upper hand in any debate, I decided it would be funny to find a big poster of a cow and put it in his cubicle while he was away on travel, but what I found was soooo much better!

Meet Bessie.  A nearly life-size cardboard cow. Here we are hanging out last night as I bid her farewell...

And this is where Bessie is now.  

I couldn't just stop at the cow, though.  That was funny, but I still needed to punch it up a bit.  And so, I used every cow pun I could think of:  Don't Have a Cow Man, Happy Moo Year, Cowabunga, Heifer Self a Merry Little Christmas, etc. and posted them all over his cube.  The sign on the cow's rear says "BEWARE of the Dairy-Air" 

But even that wasn't enough.  So I scoured the web for cow cartoons and printed out my favorites to line his desk.  The best are below:

And my ABSOLUTE favorite.  The one that makes me giggle out loud every time I see it:


1 comment:

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Sounds like a fun prank!
(But what do you do with a life size cow cut-out after the joke is over?)