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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Taking a Teen's Cell Phone....

Recently my daughter decided to leave the comfort and protection of our home and sneak out to go meet up with a (gasp!) BOY.  Our local police department put a swift end to her little adventure with a 2 a.m. phone call from my little darling and one of our city's finest.

She promptly got grounded, though that's not very effective when the only places your kid goes is school and home. BUT I also took away all electronics, and THAT seems to have hit the spot.  Since then, I've been receiving pleas to get her phone back...

First, the drawing (note my extra long arms):

ME: You've been a great child, here's your phone.
HER: Wow. Thanks Mom.

Then there was the LIST...

And ANOTHER list...

And then, finally, there was the letter:

Favorite line:  I grow more every day.
I'm not the same silly immature child I was on Tuesday.

(I especially like the deliberate misspelling and poor grammar)

Dear Mom,
I need my phone back.  I’m going through a withdrawal of no internet.

W/O internet ma speling iz gonna goe. I ned it so ma gramer an vokabulure donut leave. I hv 2 pass eith greatde or I wil b sad. Plz mum helpe a gurl owt an giv bak hur celuler divis. Or els I wil live with yu 4eva an eva until thuh daye yu dye.

Let’s save my grades and spelling with connection to the outside world, I learn new slang definitions every day! Being isolated from my world of cool kids will cause me to go insane. In fact, I already have.

Agin yu cood hv 2 live with thiss horibul speling 4eva an handrighting like Cody’s. donut lete thiss happin 2 yu.

So Mom, I grow more every day. I’m not the same silly immature child I was on Tuesday. I will not sneak out again for stupid reasons like so. But if Eminem ever comes to Marion at 2 a.m. I might. Just a warning. So I should have my phone. It’s very important to my vital social skills.

Thx Mum!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things - 9/19

It's Friday, that means it's time for another installation of VikLit's Celebrate the Small Things.  Go HERE to sign up or see a list of participants.

It's been awhile since I put up something new for the celebration, but only because Friday keeps sneaking up on me.  This week, we're celebrating THINGS THAT MADE ME LAUGH.

1.  Epic dot battle on a coworker's white board.  He deserved it.

2. THIS review.  OMG, I laughed until I cried all my make up off.  

3. My Kids.  When the dog refused to go for a walk, my son decided to walk the leash instead.

BONUS: My daughter wrote me the funniest letter ever, but it deserves its own post.