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Monday, March 10, 2014

Mock Me Monday - M&Ms

I bet you're wondering what could possibly be mockable about M&M's, aren't you?  While your average citizen might be hard pressed to embarrass themselves with these delicious chocolate coated candies, I am not your average citizen.  Wherever there is humiliation or mockery to be found, I'm generally in the midst of it.

Way back in middle school days, we talked about addictions and that while some substances are inherently addictive (drugs, alcohol, nicotine), often times perfectly benign substances could become addicting either because of the circumstances surrounding their ingestion or because of the length of time one partakes of them. 

I'm sure my teacher meant to send us out of the room duly cautioned that even simple actions can have dire consequences.  I, however, went home with a huge bag of M&Ms determined to see if I could become addicted by eating one a day until the bag was gone.

I bet you know where this story ends.  I ate the whole bag.  Not in one day, but still.  Not sure if that means my experiment was a success because I couldn't keep my hand out of the bag or what.  Hmmm.

Fast forward to a few years ago.  I snagged a bag of M&M's out of the work vending machine to battle the afternoon munchies and as I poured the bag out on my desk for sorting (something I always do...) I thought it looked like fewer M&Ms than normal.  So, I decided to track how many were in the bag and how many of each color. 

Yes, I made a spreadsheet to track my M&M's.

In your standard 1.69 oz bag with a sampling of 34 bags, here is what I've found:

Average #: 54
High: 59
Low: 51

Average by color:
Orange: 11
Yellow: 6
Green: 9
Blue: 11
Brown: 9

High/Low by color:
Red: 4 / 17
Orange: 5 / 19
Yellow: 2 / 14
Green: 3 / 21
Blue: 1 / 22
Brown: 1 / 17

Now you know.  Even M&M's can be mockable in my hands.

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Carolyn V said...

Mmmmm, MnMs are one of my favorites! So good.