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Monday, December 2, 2013


We had our Thanksgiving this past Saturday.  On Thursday, though, Coders apparently wanted to have *some* sort of celebration, so he kept setting the timer on the iPad to ring with a doorbell chime.  That was my cue to stop whatever I was doing to answer the door and introduce the fictitious family member to the family.

Periodically, he took on the job of impersonating these family members, with hysterical results.  Some of our invisible visitors were:

Great Aunt Martha - She came in and fell asleep on the couch.  Apparently she's a great sleeper because we kept sitting on top of her and she didn't even budge.

Jerry Barry (or maybe Barry Jerry) - this is Aunt Martha's son and boy was he hyperactive.  He ran all through the house. Over and over. 

Uncle Bob - he's a bit of a beer drinker and then he likes to talk -- telling crazy stories of things that never happened.  He was also Martha's husband once, and they would periodically bicker about this or that.

Catherine - aka Kitty Kat - She's a 23 year old actress that just graduated from college.  She doesn't say much, and I'm not sure how she's related to the above.  She's our cousin. 

Oscar - the dog.  

My favorite quotes of the day:

"Bob, can you keep it down? I'm trying to give a speech" (think this was Barry)

"Mooooom, have you seen my heels?" (something I never thought my son would say....even in character)

Me: Welcome, Oscar!  We only have one rule in this house - 
no piddling on the floor.
Cody/Oscar:  Ooops. Sorry.  I had gas.

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shelly said...

Sounds entertaining.