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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

52 Weeks of Kindness - Weeks 49 & 50

Wow.  I cannot believe I only have two weeks left.  In a way, it will be a relief not to have the weekly deadline hanging over my head.  It sounds easy enough - one act per week - but when you work full time and have a family to tend to, the week seems to FLY by.

Week 49
While browsing through half price books, I noticed one of my favorite books (Lamb by Christopher Moore) was on the dollar cart.  I found it mildly offensive that such a great book was discounted to a mere buck, but I didn't let that stop me from snatching it up!  I loved this book so much.  Christopher Moore has such a rich sense of humor I laugh out loud whenever I read his work.  I happened to buy this (the first time) before a trip to Vegas and I was laughing on the plane, laughing by the pool, laughing everywhere.  And not a little  We're talking full on belly laughs that draw curious looks from others.  This book is a kindness unto itself and during this week, I passed the joy on.  Actually, I gave this bargain copy away AND loaned my personal copy to someone else.  Double the joy.

Week 50
We have a TV/monitor in the lobby at work that we program to show who is on vacation, who is traveling for work, etc.  I also add new hires, birthdays, and special events or visitors.  I noticed it was one woman's birthday today, so when I had to run back to the office last night I left a small gift bag on her chair with a hand sanitizer and lip balm in it.  

She caught me in the hall later and we made small talk.  I casually mentioned my calendar said it was her birthday and wished her a happy one.  She paused - started to say something then stopped.  I'm SURE she was going to ask about the gift bag, but changed her mind.  No one ever suspects me, which makes this all so much more fun! 



Mason Canyon said...

I love finding bargain books and it's always so much fun to share them. I love the birthday gift bag without her knowing. So much fun and such wonderful kindness. :)

Thoughts in Progress

shelly said...

Love the idea of anonymous gift giving.