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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

52 Weeks of Kindness - Weeks 44 - 48

Time just gets away from me, so it's time to catch up on my good deed doin':

Week 44:
I made little gift bags with hand sanitizer (Bath & Body Works), lip balm, and a little trinket  and left in restrooms throughout the week.

Week 45:
Awhile back I went to a craft sale where one woman was selling handmade jewelry CHEAP ... like nothing over $2.  I stocked up on bracelets and earrings and during this week I left them behind in restrooms, on restaurant tables, window sills...

Week ?
Not sure this one counts, so I won't put a week # on it.  The paper towel dispenser in the women's restroom at work had this awful pink-toned fake marble paper in the little window, so I found a cartoon and slipped it inside instead.  (It says something like "Our computers are down, so we have to do everything manually"). Planning to change this out from time to time.

Week 46:
Put cash in vending machines...kinda boring unless you're the one getting a free snack / soda out of the deal.

Week 47: 
Found leftover jewelry/sanitizer/lip balm in a bag in my car, so dispersed them this week.

Week 48:
This week technically doesn't end until after Thanksgiving, but I wanted to make sure this one got out before because this is a special one.

This whole year-long experiment was inspired because one woman happened to leave something on my desk when I was going through a rough time.  She had no idea, it was just coincidence that she hit the timing just right.  She is someone who is ALWAYS doing nice things for others so this week I wrote a letter explaining how she had inspired me and highlighting a few of the things I had done over the course of the year.  I included cash - I won't say the exact amount, but will say it was my biggest gift yet.  And I'm 99.99% sure she's going to use that cash to brighten someone else's day.  That's just the kind of person she is.
(UPDATE: Shortly after I sent my gift off, the women in the office received a gift from her.  I KNEW she'd spend it on someone else.)


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