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Monday, October 21, 2013

Mock Me Monday - The Artsy Edition

Not too long ago, Cody approached me and asked (ahem, more like demanded) I draw the Statue of Liberty for him.  He's got a little town set up in his room and he likes to add a little big-city flavor.  I often have to recreate billboards and business signs for him.

But I'm not much of an artist.  I chalk it up to my lack of hand-eye coordination.  Or brain-hand.  I can see the picture I want in my head, I just can't translate it to paper.  I remember being a kid and picking the colors I loved out of the crayon box (magenta which I used to pronounce mag-nett-a well beyond the period it would have been considered cute).  Anyhow, I'd color my picture but it never looked as good as what I had in my head and certainly never as pulled together as some of the other students whose color choices were more cohesive and they'd doodle designs on clothes and color in the background just right...

Yeah, I've been jealous of you artsy fartsy folks for decades.  But back to the job at hand.  I was to draw this:

But what poured out the tip of my pencil was this:

Not quite as regal or majestic, is it?Not sure what I'm doing with her hair or the robes...Cody proudly displayed it in his little town of Coville, though.  And he came back and asked me to draw One, Wall Street and the Algonquin Hotel.  I didn't fare any better with those (the hotel wasn't too bad), but for some reason I can't find my pictures and the whole city of Coville suffered from a terrible tornado or some other natural disaster that resembles my son, so now my abominations are gone for good.

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