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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hey Washington....

What the hell is going on with our country?


I don't want to get into any hairy political debates.  Honestly, I barely follow any of it but these days the news gets to me even while I try to hide under this nice, quiet rock over here.

I know Congress has a tough job.  They get bitched at all day from constituents that want the impossible – or think they're an expert after reading an article online. Their job sucks most of the time – but they WANTED these headaches, remember?  They went OUT OF THEIR WAY to earn the right to solve them…so why aren't they doing anything?

The "Us versus Them" mentality that has taken hold of our government has got to go.  All they seem interested in doing is telling a news camera why it's the other guy's fault. 

STOP IT.  Please.

Anyone else think they're acting like 8 year olds? 
But Moooooom, he started it…

What happened to Compromise?  You know, that process where neither of us get everything we want, but we each get something? 
Where mom makes you share the last cookie with your brother…

Uh, no.  Instead of talking it out and working towards a compromise, our representatives are playing a big game of Chicken – first one to flinch loses.  Except it's people like you and me paying the real price.  My heart goes out to all those furloughed government workers.  I know our household budget would be SCREWED if I went two days without pay.
Ever notice it's always the 'regular' folk who get hit hardest with this crap?   We are the ones fighting the battles they get us into, and we are the ones making the sacrifices for the policies they enact. It's a pity we can't fill Congress with us 'regular' folk…people who know the real meaning of sacrifice and compromise and WORK.

So, Washington - stop the bickering.  Stop the finger pointing, posturing, and news conferences and

Thank you.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Amen! Yes, they are acting like children. Too bad they don't lose their pay and benefits until they pass the budget.