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Monday, October 28, 2013

52 Weeks of Kindness - Week 43

In my old neighborhood there was this house (okay, there were a lot of houses, that's kinda what made it a neighborhood), but this one house around the corner and down the street was special.  It was a large Victorian that had seen better days, but I loved it.  If I could have purchased it, I would have, but while we might have had the financial wherewithal to make the purchase, there's no way we could've afforded to make the necessary repairs.

Over the years, I watched sadly as it changed hands hoping someone would fix it up, but no one ever did.  One couple went so far as to paint the outside a sunny yellow – which was great – but it took them so long (more than a year) to finish painting that the sun had faded the first side to another shade of yellow altogether.

Eventually, we moved out of the neighborhood so I didn't get to drive by my beloved house every day like I had been accustomed to.  Recently, I had the opportunity to drive through the area again and I was delighted to see someone had been very busy renovating the place.  They'd rebuilt the porch railing, put in new entry doors, and resided (or repainted) the entire building.  It was looking GORGEOUS and I couldn't be happier if it were my own home.

(Okay, if it were my house, I probably would be a teensy tiny bit more happy.)

So, for this week's act of kindness, I went to Earl May Nursery and got a gift certificate and plopped it in the mail to the new owners.  I hope they plant some beautiful flowers to make the yard look as lovely as the house.