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Sunday, September 1, 2013

52 Weeks of Kindness - Week 35

This week's act of kindness....well, let me just SHOW you:

We adopted a dog!  The kids have wanted one forever and we finally ran out of excuses not to.  We've got a large fenced back yard, the kids are old enough to NOT yank on ears and tail, and take part in feeding / walking.  

She's the sweetest thing on four legs.  She's a little timid around the house right now (expected), but is so full of love, I can't wait until she feels at home here.  Not only did we give a homeless pet a new life, we made our kidlings VERY happy.  Win win.


Val said...

So sweet! She looks a bit like a border collie. I took in a half lab/half border collie that is the most loving dog I've ever had in my life. Somebody dumped her at my mom's house when she was a tiny pup. It's like she knows we saved her.

I hope your new doggie settles in and enjoys her new home.

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Aw, how sweet!

We got our first family dog a few years ago, a few months after our beloved family cat was hit on the road and killed. We never considered ourselves to be "dog people," but we were so distraught over the cat, we wanted a pet we wouldn't compare to the one we lost.

Thus, the switch from a clever black cat to a sweet, adoring German Shepherd who is only "smart" about the things important to her.

It was amazing how fast she became a family member instead of a pet!