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Thursday, July 25, 2013

52 Weeks of Kindness - Weeks 28 & 29

Rated C for Cody

Whoa, what a busy couple of weeks these have been.  We switched internet providers which was a little bumpy at first, thanks to a faulty router.  I also had a visit from my sister (hi, D!) and took a vacation with the fam. I've been performing my acts of kindness faithfully each week, I just haven't posted about it ... until now.

Week 28:
This week I did something a little different.  I made a concerted effort to make sure there was always a fresh pot of coffee in the break room at work.  I'd heard a few hard-core coffee drinkers complain that there's never any coffee when they go to get a cup, so even though I've never tried the stuff, I made dozens of pots this week for those who do drink.   

Week 29: 
This week I focused on "buy one, get one".  So, if I bought a soda at work, I fed another dollar into the machine for the next person.  If I bought a snack at the store, I left an extra dollar behind to fund someone else's munchies.  I put extra change into a parking meter that was about to expire, and lots of other little things.

Until next week.....

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Victoria's Secret of Men's Wear

One of my responsibilities at work is to handle incoming and outgoing mail.  A lot of employees have personal packages delivered to the office.  I do it myself around Christmas time when I want to make sure the family doesn't snoop. 

Consequently, we get a lot of catalogs delivered to the office -- and often they are addressed to employees who are no longer with the company.  I have a thing for catalogs, so I will browse through them before tossing them out.  You never know when you'll find that bargain you just have to have.

My indiscriminate catalog flipping days may be over, though.  We recently received an Undergear catalog (basically the male equivalent of Victoria's Secret). I may have actually blushed while browsing the pages.  (Some of the garments were -- ahem -- see through...enough said.)

I'm pretty sure it was highly inappropriate viewing material for the office and I thank GOD the guy it was addressed to no longer works for us because I really don't want to know what ANYONE I work with wears underneath it all...especially if it tends toward the transparent side.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

52 Weeks of Kindness - Week 27

We had a MONSTER garage sale the last few days.  Sales were respectable through the first two days, but I REALLY wanted to clear stuff out. I'm more interested in getting rid of stuff than I am making money.  The goal of Day 3 was to get rid of as much stuff as possible to save me the hassle of boxing it up again.  

I should add a plug to Craigslist here.  I used it to advertise my sale each day - updating the list of things still available for sale.  It's free and you can add pictures.  I will never pay for a newspaper ad again.  ANYWAY, I outlined my plan in my ad and got LOTS of great feedback from everyone as they arrived. 

What did I do?

For two days, no one looked at our bin of stuffed animals.  So I let every child choose one for free.  This cleared out a LOT and made dozens of kids happy.  Win win.

The adults I met in the driveway with my Outburst game in hand.  If you are unfamiliar, it gives you a category (things that are white, cities that start with B) and you have a certain amount of time to name 10 things that fall into that category.  I gave them one "bargain buck" for each correct answer and they could use it same as cash.  

The result? Some people got bigger ticket items at a reduced price, while others were able to "pay" for their new treasures entirely with the bargain bucks they'd won.  I got rid of a lot of stuff and everyone had a great time.  I can't tell you how many people thanked me for the fun -- and amazingly I didn't feel the need to hide behind anonymity this time.  

Best. Garage. Sale. Ever.

Monday, July 1, 2013

52 Weeks of Kindness - Weeks 25 & 26

Been pretty busy around here the last few weeks -- and it's not going to slow down in July, so you'll just have to trust me when I say I am getting the deeds done on schedule, I'm just not getting the posts written and published.

Week 25 I paid for the person behind me in the drive-thru lane again.  I really don't eat fast food all that often, but this particular day work kept me busy until almost 2, and since I hadn't brought anything with me, I was too hungry to go wade through the grocery store to find a healthier option as I had originally planned.

Up to this point I haven't witnessed anyone's reaction to finding one of my gifts.  I thought the drive-thru would be a perfect chance -- but I chickened out.  I could not look in my rear view mirror for anything.  Turns out I am REALLY uncomfortable outside the anonymous do-gooder role.

For week 26, I reverted to being anonymous.  I stopped at a convenience store on my way home and hid $2 in a box of M&M's (on sale! 2 bags for $2!) and another $2 inside a 32 ounce soda cup.  

Can't believe the year is half over...AND I'm still going strong!  Looking forward to what the next 26 weeks bring.