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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Random Act of Kindness - Week 22

This week's installment wasn't exactly random, but it DID require effort, so I'm considering my weekly quota met.

Actually, I did two things this week.  First, I cleaned my daughter's room and put up a quote wall for her.  Most of the quotes she'd handwritten on computer paper and taped all over her walls.  The sentiment was nice, but the execution was a little off.  I typed them all up, added a few of my own and with $20 of frames from the Dollar Store and Goodwill, created an inspirational quote wall for her:

One of my favorites

My other act of kindness this week was to register as a volunteer with the Humane Society and a non-profit agency serving families.  My intention is to volunteer doing whatever with daughterling.

If you have a favorite motivational / feel good quote - please share!  I'd like to grow this collection until it covers the whole wall!