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Friday, June 7, 2013

Card Table Makeover

I learned recently (thanks to my fabulous sister who might have had a little help from Pinterest) that you can recover old card tables!  I had one in my shed that was marked with paint and scarred with gashes from a utility knife -- in short, it was unfit for public use without a mandatory table cloth.

See?  I wouldn't lie about such a thing:  

I picked up this vinyl fabric at the store (on sale no less!).  I think it cost me $5 total.

I want to color this in with Sharpies!

All you have to do is flip your table over, unscrew the top like this:

The hardest part of this whole job was prying the 600 staples off the old cover.  Wear safety glasses!  Sometimes those little buggers like to leap right at your eye!

Once the old staples are gone, center your new fabric and staple away!  Put the table top back on the frame and screw it all back together again.  CAUTION:  My table's brackets would only line up ONE way with the holes in the frame so if it doesn't work quite right, spin it around until it does.

The finished product:

I think you can do the same thing to folding chairs, too.  You could completely revitalize the whole shebang for peanuts!


Mark Koopmans said...


And I can soooo see my in-laws breaking out a deck of cards on that table - well done :)

PS. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my D-Day post.

CSM Ryan was speechless when I told him there were more than 100 comments Thursday afternoon (There were 158 as of Friday evening.)

For everyone to take a moment to comment really meant a lot to him, I'm sure. :)

shelly said...

Very nice.

Hugs and chocolate,