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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

52 Weeks of Kindness - Week 21

Wow, almost halfway through the year already.  Still have some fun stuff up my sleeve, but this week I have to admit that all my efforts have been focused on my daughterling, who has just graduated from high school.
I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of her.  I thought she was the complete package before, beautiful, smart, talented, etc. But since her graduation, she has blossomed and what was lovely before is now breathtaking.  She's more mature, more considerate, happier, more loving, I could go on and on.  It's like someone cranked up her volume and she's blasting her own personal rhythm out for the whole world. I want to jump up and down from the sheer joy of knowing her.
Yeah, one proud mama here.
She finished school a couple weeks ago, the ceremony was this past Sunday, and her party is this coming weekend, so my act of kindness this week is to pull together a party to adequately celebrate her marvelousness.   I'll spare you the tedium of party-planning details, but I reserve the right to post celebratory pictures....
On the flip side, the universe/karma/call it what you will continues to give back and just today I received word of a very unexpected gift...a BIG one, but nothing I'm at liberty to share publicly. Suffice it to say people are AMAZING if you let them be and I'm so very very blessed, it's almost not fair to the rest of the world.
 Until next week....

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

52 Weeks of Kindness - Week 20

Kept it simple this week.  Just left a fiver on the coffee counter at the convenience store on my way to work. 

I rather fancy myself a super spy, slipping it onto the counter in one fluid movement as I make my way around the island to the cooler to grab a Diet Coke.  Of course, they have cameras rolling, but I doubt anyone would go back and look to see who left it.

Just as I was leaving, two men came in, so it's possible one of them found it, but I was running late to work, so once again I didn't get to see the moment of discovery.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gimme a Break

This whole Abercrombie and Fitch thing makes me angry, but probably not for the reason you think.

While I agree whole-heartedly that the company's CEO Mike Jeffries is an ass, and shouldn't have made the remarks he did about marketing to "cool" kids who have a certain "look", this isn't really the great revelation everyone thinks it is.  Abercrombie has had a cloud of disdain for us 'regular folks' for years.  The CEO has made other inflammatory remarks before -- he's infamous for it -- but somehow this time people are outraged and want him to carry clothes for women over a size 10.

I haven't seen a size 10 in YEARS, but that's beside the point.  Let's forget that A&F's clothes are horrendously overpriced, and that the CEO is about as appealing as a roadkill smorgasbord.  Abercrombie is his store and he's entitled to market to whomever he damn well pleases whether the rest of us like it or not.

Lane Bryant, CJ Banks, Torrid, and a host of other retail chains market to the 14+ crowd, but no one is picketing outside their stores demanding they carry smaller sizes.  It's exclusionary – why isn't anyone getting upset with them?

Think about it, people.  All stores exclude someone.  Apple stores don't carry any other brand – even though it'd be awesome if I could go in to pick up a Dell while I'm at the mall.  Victoria's Secret doesn't have  a men's line – pure gender prejudice, if you ask me.  Let's protest!  Carters, the Children's Place, Justice they all cater to kids -- should we force them to sell adult clothing too?  

Abercrombie and Fitch is destined to become irrelevant.  The CEO's remarks may hasten its demise or they may not, but while it's still here, it has every right to sell any product it wants.  If you don't like Jeffries, disagree with his marketing choices, or just don't like the clothing, then don't shop there.  It's that simple.  The store is under no obligation to add to its product line up just because their leader offended the populace.

52 Weeks of Kindness - Week 19

If you could save a life, would you?

Of course you would, as long as I'm not asking you to risk your own well-being, and even then I bet a fair number of you would go for it. 

I'm talking about something that requires little effort and minimal risk to your own health and safety.  Interested?

Continuing on with the theme of things anyone can do, this week I did two little things that have the potential of making a HUGE impact in someone's life.

First, I registered to be an organ donor.  I've always said yes at the DMV when renewing my license, but then I heard that may not be enough.  It puts 'donor' on your license, but doesn't always grant doctors permission to harvest your organs after you're gone.  

To make sure you ARE a full-fledged donor, go to and in the banner at the top of the page, choose the state you live in and it will direct you to the correct site to register as an organ donor.  It's quick and easy.  I hope to have many, many years before I fulfill this act of kindness, but since we never really know what will happen, I'm glad to have this taken care of.

The second thing I did was sign up to be a bone marrow donor. Go to  You fill out a form about your general health and order your test kit.  That's it.  

So, what are you waiting for? 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

52 Weeks of Kindness - Week 18

I've been trying to do things lately that *anyone* could do.  Things with no cost and that don't take any special talent.  This week, I went out of my way to compliment strangers. If you've ever been on the receiving end on an unexpected compliment, you know it can really give your day a boost. 

I admired one woman's jacket, another's shoes.  Told someone I loved the color they were wearing, etc. It was fun to see their faces light up, but in the end I felt like I cheated.  It was too easy.  I compliment people all the time.  I did go out of my way, actively searching for people anytime I went into a public space, but it didn't feel like I made any sort of impact.

So, one night on my way home, I took a handful of change out of my ashtray in the car and tossed it (a coin or two at a time) onto the sidewalk by the elementary school.  Hopefully kids will find them on their walk to school and get excited.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lovely Video

It's been so long since I added a video, I'm not sure I remember how.  :)

Simply Captivating 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

52 Weeks of Kindness - Week 17

Do you remember the magic of tossing a penny in a fountain as a kid?  Believing that your wish might come true?  I love those memories and the fountain at the mall has always been a favorite place.   Now that I'm all grown up, I like to recreate the magic for my kids, but sometimes I don't have a coin to give them.  Enter this week's kindness.

A couple weeks ago, I saw an article online titled something like "Proof the World Doesn't Suck". For one of the items on the list, someone left a small bag of coins next to a shopping-center fountain with a note that read "free wishes".  

I loved this idea, so I cleared all the pennies out of my ashtray in the car, put them in a small decorative box , and went to drop it off at the mall...but when I got there the fountain had been turned off, drained, and all the coins picked up.  Obviously, I didn't want to leave the coins at a non-functioning fountain, so I put it off until this week.  

Once again, I failed to see any kids find my surprise because daughterling wanted to get on with her day, but this is one of my favorites so far. Will be doing something similar elsewhere as soon as I accumulate more pennies.