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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

RAK - Week 10

I brought a frozen entree to work for lunch last Friday, but decided I'd rather have something else.  That happens all the time, but I usually veto the other voice or else I'd be eating out every day and that's just not good for anyone.  It occurred to me, however, that I could do my good deed for the week at the same time, so I grabbed my purse and headed to the McDonald's down the street.

The lines were longer than usual, probably a payday for a lot of people who decided to splurge on lunch.  I surveyed the other cars, trying to determine which one would end up behind me once the two lanes merged.  Both candidates had single men in them wearing office attire, so I figured I'd be safe. How much can one man eat?  As it turns out neither of those cars wound up behind me.  Someone lollygagged in line, so I ended up with a minivan behind me. 

After a momentary panic that the vehicle would be full of starving children and my bill would be over $40, I pulled up to the cashier and said I wanted to pay for the lady behind me.  The cashier took it all in stride - like it happens all the time.  I gave her a calling card to give to the other driver (whose bill was a whopping $5), and left.   I tried to watch her reaction in my rear view mirror but OF COURSE my order was already dangling out the second window, so I had to move it.


shelly said...


Hugs and chocolate,

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That was a really nice thing to do. You went on faith and the car wasn't full of starving children.

DL Hammons said...

You would have been in trouble had I pulled in behind you! :)