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Monday, March 4, 2013

Mock Me Monday

This post is rated C for Cody

I can't sing.  At all.  Back in school when music class was mandatory, I lip synced my way through and only actually sang if the teacher happened to walk directly in front of me.  I was excited to get into junior high so music became an elective.

Nowadays, the only time I sing is when I'm alone AND the music is so loud I can't hear myself.  If you've ever heard alley cats trying to kill each other at 3 a.m. you get a sense of what I sound like.  So for the good of mankind, I keep my caterwauling to myself.

I went to see Maroon 5 with my daughter this weekend.  Had a great time.  There's something cathartic about being part of a crowd, screaming and cheering before, during, and after each number.  My daughter was a little surprised to hear her sensible mama screaming and "WOOOOO-ing" her head off.  

I brought my camera to video tape some of my favorite songs.  I knew the quality would be compromised since we were in the nosebleeds and my camera's not professional grade.  That was okay, though, I wanted the memory of the moment -- to capture some of the energy of the evening.

The whole video thing backfired, though.  First there was a guy in front of us with a rather large head that kept swaying to the music, so I had to move the camera to the left then right then left again to keep his noggin from blocking the view of the stage.  I did a bit of swaying myself so the camera got jostled quite a bit as I wiggled and jiggled to the beat.  If I managed to stand still, I'd get wrapped up in the moment and find the camera focus drifted off to the ceiling. Ugh.

But that's not the worst part. Even though the decibel level of the arena was beyond deafening, my camera somehow managed to pick up me singing along.  My daughter made the discovery when we replayed the videos at the hotel after the show.  There's no denying it, it's my off-key voice wailing along at full volume.  

Now I know why the little girl on my other side kept looking at me strangely all night.  It's not every day you hear a grown woman imitate a cat fight in front of 20,000 people.

If you'll excuse me, it's time to hide those files before my daughterling posts them online for the masses.

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Stacy McKitrick said...

I'll be going to a Muse concert this week. Good thing to know - do not sing while filming...