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Monday, March 25, 2013

Mock Me Monday _ Roughing It

My son is a picky eater.  Always has been.  To make matters worse, he's also a creature of habit, so if he's accustomed to having a baloney sandwich for lunch, there's no way you're going to talk him into anything else.

A few weeks ago, I'd promised him a bean burrito for lunch.  He's very particular about his bean burritos.  There's only a certain kind of tortilla he likes, spread with just the right amount of refried beans, and sprinkled with cheese.  This must then be warmed in the microwave for exactly 20 seconds, then rolled with precision.

None of this was a problem until the power went out just before lunch.

No power = no microwave = no burrito.

He would NOT eat it at room temperature, so I had to find a way to warm it up without the benefit of electrical appliances.


I wrapped it in tinfoil and placed it in a pan suspended over a few candles!  Instant oven.  This also enabled me to heat of daughterlings' spaghettios and ramen.

The mockable part is that despite it being the day before our weekly grocery shopping (a time when our supplies are rather depleted) we still had Lunchables in the fridge and all I would have had to do to feed the little ones was rip off the plastic cover. 


Al said...

Talk about a creative solution.
Lateral thinking and a half!
What is a "Lunchable"?

Bish Denham said...

That's why I have a gas stove. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Still, pride yourself on a creative solution!