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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Things I'd Like to See...

It's been awhile since I had an edition of "Things I'd Like To See"...inventions I wish someone would come up with, so I thought I'd compile my notes and see what brilliant ideas lie ahead:

You know those pager things you get at restaurants while you're waiting for your table?  We had one recently that looked like a cell phone, and I thought it would be BRILLIANT if they put a little screen in those suckers.  Restaurants could sell ad space (instead of those tacky paper placemats full of insurance and bank ads) OR they could flash pictures of their nightly specials to get your appetite roaring while you wait.  This sooooo needs to be done!

Have you ever tried to put sprinkles on a cupcake or cookie?  The darn things fall all over the place, don't they?  I saw a cake recently that was entirely covered in sprinkles and I couldn't figure out how the heck they did it.  That's when I decided there needs to be a little air gun to "shoot" sprinkles at the sides with just enough force that they stick the first time.  Chefs everywhere will rejoice.

I think there ought to be a way to program bedroom or bathroom lights to dim so they don't blind you first thing in the morning.  I'd set it so it was almost dark and gradually brightens as you slowly come-to. 

Microsoft needs to program a command that will put dashes between words automatically.  Highlight and CTRL-D would work for me. Doing-it-manually-kinda-sucks.

There ought to be a volume button when you're eavesdropping on someone (c'mon, you know you do it) and you can't hear what they say...either that or subtitles need to appear across their chest so you can read....

Have you ever wanted to wear a belt with a pair of pants or skirt but you couldn't because the belt was too wide for the loops?  I would LOVE it if the belt loops snapped on to the waist band so you could change the width easily.  They could come in different colors, and embellishments (bling).  I'm not a seamstress, but in the happy Vicki-World inside my head this works.

Awhile back, my son needed a new toothbrush.  It seems to me his toothbrush fell in the toilet or something equally gross that mandated an immediate purchase.  He asked for a black toothbrush, but I couldn't find any -- and then it hit me, why don't they make rubberized "sleeves" for toothbrushes?  They could come in a variety of colors and themes (animals/cars/princess/etc), they would provide a better grip, and differentiate kids' toothbrushes from one another.  If any of you have seen the Polly Pocket dolls, I think the same rubbery material they use for the clothes would work well. This is another thing that soooo needs to happen!

On another note, I'd like to see some truly high-end toothbrushes -- ones that you're not ashamed to leave out in public view when guests come over.  Maybe some artsy ceramic handles or glass or silver and gold?  Make it to blend in with the bathroom decor...

Can someone PLEASE invent a way to put the stretch back into elastic?  You'll make a fortune in the bra industry alone...

I'd like to see canvas bags (similar to the totes eco-friendly folks use at the grocery store) that ZIP for secure toy storage.  For that matter, it'd be helpful with groceries that shift in the car on the way home, too.

I'd like to see a decent-sized salad bowl with a compartment underneath for ice or ice pack to keep the salad cold while on the table.

Speaking of salads, I sometimes take them to work, but it's a pain to do because I don't have a small container to put dressing in.  I don't want to bring the whole bottle to work or it may never come home again.  I usually put some in a ziploc baggie, but I'd like to see a small bottle with tablespoon markings.  It'd be portable AND I'd be able to better guage how much I'm using.

I remember the days of carting the kids around in a stroller...they are a necessary evil until you children are old enough to walk on their own.  Unfortunately, not all strollers are created equal, and I think it would be awesome if some strollers came with extendible handles for taller parents.

That might be enough inventing for one night.  What would you really like to see on the market?


shelly said...

I like the volume button on eavesdropping. That would be great.

Hugs and chocolate,

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

If they made black toothbrushes, I'd buy one!
And I'd probably have way too much fun with the sprinkles shooter.