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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Drives Me Crazy

I know I just vented about the media the other day, but there's one thing I forgot to mention.

Press Conferences.

I suppose they are a necessary evil, but what bugs me is how we know the news before anyone gets around to holding the press conference.  When's the last time you were surprised by something they said?

Exactly my point.

I swear once upon a time you went to a press conference (or tuned in on TV) to HEAR the big news.  Now it's a mere formality because all the information is leaked ahead of time.

Drives me crazy, I tell you.

Last week there was a press conference to announce "blue zone communities" in the state.  These are supposed to be cities that were chosen because of their commitment to lead more healthful lifestyles.  We knew a day or two ahead of time which cities had been chosen.  Wouldn't it have been more exciting (and effective) if no one knew who had won until the results were read?  

Ditto the Presidential speeches.  Once upon a time when the President went on TV to speak, you didn't know what he was going to say so you LISTENED.  Now, the news desks tell you everything he's expected to say so there's no need for us to listen anymore. Whether you love him or hate him, it makes his speech superfluous at best.  I'd like to hear it from the source first before everyone tries to spin the words to suit their own objectives...

What else has the media spoiled for you?

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