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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Congress - Argh

I'm not a political person, but this needs to be said:

Dear United States Congress,

Not again.  Oh, dear God, not again.  I think I speak for most Americans at this point when I say, JUST GET IT DONE.  

No matter what programs you decide to cut, someone is going to be unhappy, you will never please everyone -- or even a majority, so just DO something already other than bicker and blame the delay on the other guy.  You know that makes you all sound like seven year olds don't you?

We Americans are a resilient bunch.  We can overcome anything, but this constant state of indecision and uncertainty you throw us into by failing to make any decision, keeps us in persistent limbo.  Go ahead and cut that program if that's what it's going to take -- we'll find another way, we always do. But until YOU make that decision, WE can't do anything.  That's kind of like seeing a semi truck barreling right toward us but being unable to steer the car away.

I almost prefer the across-the-board budget cuts right now because at least something would be getting done.  We wouldn't have to hear on the news every night how discussions failed yet again.  Besides, isn't it fair that everyone lose a little piece of the budgetary pie?  Since you all say that's not what you want, let me introduce you to a word us "regular folk" teach our children that apparently your vocabularies are lacking:  


It means you get some of the things you want and the other guy gets some of the things he wants and this incessant bickering will be over.

Now, to borrow a phrase from Nike,  JUST DO IT.




Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Agreed! You tell them, Vicki.

shelly said...


Hugs and chocolate,

Rhonda said...

A bit like a Nike commercial. Just do it.