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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cody Quotes - Need I say more?

Rated C for Cody

I really thought I posted this already.  Apparently I just compiled them and forgot to publish. D'oh.

Me: Cody do you want egg with your pancake?
Cody: Well I dont really like affiliations with my pancakes

Cody: What would happen if you were lying by a door and if you opened the door you would die?
Me: I wouldn't open the door for a very long time.
Cody: What about if you were 100 years old?
Me: I might open the door then.  That's pretty old.
Cody: You would be at death's door.
(PAUSE for my giggles)
Cody: That's an idiom. It means you are about to die.

Me: Cody, why are you walking funny?
Cody: Because of the zesty fork?
(PAUSE as I consider what a zesty fork might be)
Me (uttering words I never thought would leave my mouth...even in this family): Cody, do you have a fork in your underwear?
Cody (looking at me like even he can't believe I said it): No.....

Cody: You know what they say...all toasters toast.
(I'd love to crawl inside his head for a day...)

Cody is jumping on the mini trampoline downstairs...I'm jumping next to him until I realize it's too much work, so I just kinda duck and bob along with him (less effort, LOL).  He says "Hey! I'm taller than you." I agree, then leave the room to go make my bed.
He follows me in and says,  "You're getting shorter."  
I agree again. 
He says, "That's because you're body is deteriorating"
Yes.  Yes, it is.

I don't know what we were talking about, but I made some remark about puppies from outer space coming down to earth.  Cody liked this idea so he wanted to know what they were looking for -- I said they were looking for bones. Then he wanted to know what planet they were from. Feeling inspired, I said "Pluto! It's a planet and a dog from Disney!"

He sighs (BIG, exasperated), "It can't be Pluto.  People can't live there.  It has methane! and ICE!"

Might need to restrict his non-fiction reading from now on.

Last summer (I've been sitting on these quotes for awhile now...) Daughterling #2 wanted to paint her room so we instructed her to tape off all the wood trim.  After just a few minutes she came out looking like this: 

Recently we were talking about ways to save money.  I said we could cancel cable.  Husband said we could cancel cell phones.  I said we could cancel the home phone, and husband said we could cancel the home.

Cody had enough at this point and said, "Oh no no no.  Then we'd have to live in an apartment and we'd have to share bedrooms and I'd have to sleep in a dresser and I'm pretty sure that's not legal."

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BECKY said...

I would love a visit to your home, Vicki! So much fun, silliness, and very intelligent people! :D