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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

52 Weeks - week 6

Rated C for Cody

I did several things this week, but am only claiming one as my kindness for the week.  First, there was a Girl Scout Cookie order form at work.  I'd seen it for several days but nobody had placed an order.  I find that amazing since the folks in my office can DEVOUR sweets like you won't believe.  The form was by the printer, so I walked by it all day.  Finally, even though I really don't want cookies in my house, I ordered two boxes.  Hopefully, others will follow my lead.

I took daughterling to get her hair cut this weekend.  She put up a fight - didn't want to go - and then ended up loving it (go figure).  When they tried to upsell me on product at the end, I deferred, but daughterling got that sparkle in her eye so I relented -- and the product ended up costing more than the hair cut.

But the one I'm taking credit for:

While at Half Price Books with same daughterling, I took a DVD off of their clearance rack (selling for $1!) and slipped a $5 bill inside with a card.  


Carole Anne Carr said...

Well done, reminds me of when we go to a holiday destination, (we belong to the Holiday Property Bond system, not time share, kind of life insurance and property share you can pass on to your children), and the last person who was staying in the cottage, or apartment, leaves a bottle of wine as a welcome. Delightful when this happens.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

One of these days you have to hang around and watch someone find it.

Rhonda said...

Nice surprise of the $5. As for the hair cut, I used to spend more on product, now the price has cuts has gone up so high that it exceeds the product - so it could be worse.