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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's Be Nice to a Douchebag Day

So here's the thing.  There's a guy at work I just Do. Not. Like.  I won't go into the details because even thought he's a narrow minded, egotistical, elitist, I don't want to post anything he'd be able to use to identify himself...though I seriously doubt he'd be able to connect the dots.

Today I was sitting at my desk trying to think of my next good deed when it hit me.

I should be nice to the douchebag.

This is all about showing kindness to others.  To stretch out of my comfort zone and all that other crap, right?  

What better way to  live up to the spirit of the experiment than to show kindness to someone who (in my humble, if not distorted, opinion) doesn't deserve it?

It's not that I've been rude up to this point.  I'm polite, but not much more.  Recently he and another employee asked me to do XYZ for them.  The first guy asked me because his plate was overflowing and it would really help him out.  The other one asked me because he thought XYZ was beneath him -- and therefore my responsibility.

You get a sense of what I'm dealing with?

So, in the spirit of spreading joy and kindness a little further,  I will be nice to the jerkface today.  If I meet him in the hall I will smile brightly and ask how his day is going.  I will do my best to listen politely and not grit my teeth when he prattles on and on about something inflammatory or completely uninteresting. I will pretend that he is my favorite person in the office and I will even refrain from thinking of him in derogatory terms.  I might even leave a surprise treat on his desk.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going for sainthood here.

I invite you all to join me.  Be nice to someone that drives you crazy today.  If for no other reason than because Santa is still watching. 


BECKY said...

I love this idea! If you're really THAT nice to him, do you think he'll actually notice? Hopefully, he will and it will drive him crazy wondering what you're up to, ya know??!!

DL Hammons said...'s where I differ. They made their bed...I'm not going to lie in it with them...even for a day. I doubt that your kindness will have any effect of them.

Kristi said...

Oh how I've missed your blogposts! (I've been a bad blogger as of late.)


Mostly because I totally get it. I can SO see the situation you're in. (Having known quite a few of the douchebag variety myself.)

Good for you for trying to be nice to him. Please do give us a followup post as to how it went...I'm DYING to know. :)

Nicole MacDonald said...

This is how Ignatius came about.... and look what happened to HIM! *mwahahahaha* Makes it easier to smile to the real life version - just picturing that ;)