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Monday, January 21, 2013

Heeding Warnings

I don't mean to offend anyone here, but I just gotta say something.  You know those commercials (or TV shows) where they put in REALLY small print "do not attempt"???  They drive me crazy.

First of all, if it's so important that we NOT attempt to do whatever stupid stunt they are showcasing, why isn't the disclaimer flashing in giant red letters across the screen instead of hidden in miniscule print that nobody but me reads?

But that's not my point.  I personally think if anyone is stupid enough to try speeding through a mountain pass in the snow/rain with a 3,000 foot drop off and no guard rail, then they kinda deserve to go plummeting off the edge.

Some things are such a bad idea, they don't need disclaimers.  And I have two words for anyone who disagrees with me:



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I agree with you!
In the south, potential Darwin Award recipients always begin with "Hey, ya'll, watch this..."

Nicole MacDonald said...

I love the Darwin awards - we have an omnibus collection at our cabin and it's been read aloud soooo many times. Re the warnings - isn't that like the saying 'the problem with common sense is that it isn't common...' ;p The idiots who will copy such a stunt certainly aren't likely to read the disclaimer first! *lol*

Elliot Grace said... those Darwin's, although at times it's simply nothing more than some poor soul out to get his mugshot posted on the flat screen.

Sadly, it often pays off ;)