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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

52 Weeks - Week 4

There was a lot going on this week - capped off by an inconvenient ice storm.  I technically have until Monday of each week to get my good deed on the books, but Sundays generally work out better.

Anyhow, with the roads all icy, it wasn't looking good.  Especially since I had no idea what I wanted to do this week.  

Luckily, I have a loooooong list to fall back on for weeks like this so I picked out a quick and easy one -- paying for people's videos at the movie store which just happens to be close to my house so I didn't have to drive that far.  Turns out the roads around the house weren't bad, so I stressed out over nothing.

Meanwhile, I'm still experimenting with my necklace stuff and really like the way these washers turned out.  That's right.  They are made out of steel washers.  The pictures do NOT do the depth of color credit. The color is rich and vibrant. I will be giving some of these away soon.  Working on a way to connect some of these to make a bracelet and more substantial necklace.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mock Me Monday - Scarlet O'Hara Style

This post is rated C for Cody

I had a startling realization the other day.  You see I got this new sweater, and I like it a lot.

But the other morning I put it on and realized......

My Sweater

My sweater looked an awful lot like my curtains...

Let the mocking begin...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Give It Up

Anyone else frustrated with our media?

My local news really irritates me because they repeat the same stories for days.  The mornings are especially bad.  I'm sure they do it as their demographics show people tune in for 10 minutes before heading to work so they repeat the same stories every 10-15 minutes.  But then you hear the same things again on the evening news and AGAIN the next morning.  Ugh.

It's not any better on the national news.  Can anyone tell me why is Manti Te'o is news?  After a week, why are we still talking about him?  Okay, so he was duped, let's move on.

And WHY is there so much debate about whether Beyonce lip synched or not?  Seriously?  I don't freaking care.

A housefly landed on the President?  I don't care what your political ties are, why is this news?  I've had spiders on me...where was the news crew?  What about the tick in my daughter's hair a few years ago?  

The media latches onto a story and beats it into the ground until I wanna scream. There are real stories out there, why aren't they being reported?   

If I hear a story repeated one more time, I might just lose it -- and THAT, my friends, will haunt the rest of you in the media for weeks to come.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Heeding Warnings

I don't mean to offend anyone here, but I just gotta say something.  You know those commercials (or TV shows) where they put in REALLY small print "do not attempt"???  They drive me crazy.

First of all, if it's so important that we NOT attempt to do whatever stupid stunt they are showcasing, why isn't the disclaimer flashing in giant red letters across the screen instead of hidden in miniscule print that nobody but me reads?

But that's not my point.  I personally think if anyone is stupid enough to try speeding through a mountain pass in the snow/rain with a 3,000 foot drop off and no guard rail, then they kinda deserve to go plummeting off the edge.

Some things are such a bad idea, they don't need disclaimers.  And I have two words for anyone who disagrees with me:


52 Weeks - Week 3

I've been experimenting with crafting this week.  I've got plans to give some of my handiwork away in the coming weeks, but first I have to get the look just right.  

This is my very first attempt at making a necklace since my pre-pubescent yarn and macaroni days.  I was reasonably pleased with the results, so I gave it to a friend last week.

...but that's not my good deed for the week.

Nope.  This week I assembled some manicure bags - with nail files, nail clippers, toe separators, and  bottles of colored and clear polish.  I left these in random restrooms around the area.

This time I wanted to  hang around and watch to see who found it. So I took my son to McDonald's.  The plan was to slip off to the restroom, drop the bag, then order and watch to see who found it.

It almost worked.  I dropped the bag okay, but the restaurant was D-E-A-D and then my son insisted on sitting in the farthest corner from the restroom so I couldn't have seen if there WAS someone going in or out.

Dropped the other two in other restrooms, but was afraid that my son might accidentally spill the beans, so we didn't stay to watch. Maybe next time.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Could have used one of these...

I forget where I saw this - I copied the image late one night and was too tired to do anything with it so now I can't remember where I found it.  

Would have been nice to have had this plastered on my door a few months ago when the campaign was at the height of crazy.

Friday, January 18, 2013

From the Archives...

Felt like posting today, but wasn't sure what I wanted to post about, so I looked into my draft archive (over 300 ideas just waiting to be plucked!) and chose this one JUST because I saved it into the archives exactly one year ago today.  So, let's see what I was thinking about a year ago, shall we?


Writers remind me of athletes.  

If you watch any sports at all, you'll know that there are some players that stand out -- and always have. Some of them were blessed with crazy talent, others have worked their tails off to hone their skills and still others aren't especially talented, but were lucky enough to find a fantastic coach who knew just how to make the most of the talent they did have.  

Still, even for the talented hot shots in college, the leap to the pros is a big one, and nothing is guaranteed.  Some won't make it.  A LOT of them won't make, but they love the sport so they'll play with their buddies or coach kids and will be satisfied.

Same goes for writers.  Some always stand out from the crowd, it's almost effortless for them.  Others rub the letters off their keyboards working to get there. Some are lucky enough to find the write critique partners and editors who help them shine. Some of them will never "make it" but they keep writing because it's in their blood and it's what they do.


Well, how about that?  Rather deep thoughts to have marinated for 365 days.

Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Douchebag Day - The Results


52 weeks of kindness I can do.  Being nice to a douchebag (click here) for one day was a lot tougher than I anticipated.

It started out well.  I offered a cheerful "Good Morning!" the first time our paths crossed.  Unfortunately, that was apparently code for "please follow me back to my desk and yammer away for 20 minutes"

Yup.  My resolution was put to the test bright and early.  I didn't think I would make it, to be honest with you.  I had to scribble a note to remind myself (while he was still yammering...luckily he didn't ask what it stood for):

I think it's safe to say that sainthood is well out of my reach.  In fact, I'm feeling an uncomfortable scorching heat on the soles of my feet.  I think I may be sliding in the wrong direction.

He eventually went back to his desk, and I was able to remotivate myself and am happy to report that I met the goal.  I even left a surprise on his desk later in the afternoon.

Word to the wise, folks:  Don't mistake my silence for acquiescence.  Unless I say the words I agree with you, there's a good chance I don't agree at all.

I just don't want to argue about it.  (and that's exactly how I made it through the day!)

On to the next challenge!  It's going to be more fun!

It's Be Nice to a Douchebag Day

So here's the thing.  There's a guy at work I just Do. Not. Like.  I won't go into the details because even thought he's a narrow minded, egotistical, elitist, I don't want to post anything he'd be able to use to identify himself...though I seriously doubt he'd be able to connect the dots.

Today I was sitting at my desk trying to think of my next good deed when it hit me.

I should be nice to the douchebag.

This is all about showing kindness to others.  To stretch out of my comfort zone and all that other crap, right?  

What better way to  live up to the spirit of the experiment than to show kindness to someone who (in my humble, if not distorted, opinion) doesn't deserve it?

It's not that I've been rude up to this point.  I'm polite, but not much more.  Recently he and another employee asked me to do XYZ for them.  The first guy asked me because his plate was overflowing and it would really help him out.  The other one asked me because he thought XYZ was beneath him -- and therefore my responsibility.

You get a sense of what I'm dealing with?

So, in the spirit of spreading joy and kindness a little further,  I will be nice to the jerkface today.  If I meet him in the hall I will smile brightly and ask how his day is going.  I will do my best to listen politely and not grit my teeth when he prattles on and on about something inflammatory or completely uninteresting. I will pretend that he is my favorite person in the office and I will even refrain from thinking of him in derogatory terms.  I might even leave a surprise treat on his desk.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going for sainthood here.

I invite you all to join me.  Be nice to someone that drives you crazy today.  If for no other reason than because Santa is still watching. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

52 Weeks of Kindness -- Week 2

I don't know if this is good or bad, but I haven't told anyone (apart from you guys, my daughters and a sister) about my 52 weeks of kindness campaign.  Not even my husband...though I will probably clue him in eventually. :)

Honestly, I have mixed feelings blogging about my weekly good deeds.  I am not looking for external validation, and sometimes it feels a little 'braggy' to post about it.  My primary purpose in sharing here is to have a record to look back on at the end of the year...and if I inspire someone else along the way that's good too.

Meanwhile, people all around me (ie facebook) are talking about "Paying it Forward" and using the new year to help others...but not really DOING anything. It seems hypocritical of them to talk about doing these things, be lavished with public praise, but never see them take action. 

I'd like to take part in some of these conversations, because I AM doing something, and I think it could be fun to join forces with others, but just can't bring myself to blow my cover.  I'm trying to keep things as anonymous as possible and if everyone knows what I'm doing, I'll be the first person they suspect should I try to do some secret good deed for them later in the year.

So for now, this is all Top Secret. Shhhh.

I actually did lots of nice things this week.  But the only one that qualifies (ahem, the thing I went out of my way to do) was stopping by Chuck E. Cheese this weekend, buying a bunch of tokens and then distributing the cups around the gaming area for people to find. 

Wish I could have stayed to watch people find them, but I had more errands to run and had to hit the road. The place was packed, though, so I'm sure it didn't take long for them to get picked up.

Not sure what's on the agenda for next week...will keep you posted.  In the meantime, if you do any good deeds, please share!

Monday, January 7, 2013

52 Weeks of Kindness - Week 1

I had something else planned for my kick-off to a year of kindness, but when I got to my initial target, there was no one there to help me.  Argh.  Sooo, I put that one on the back burner and turned to the list I brainstormed a week ago.  Aha!  There's a good one.  I can do that.

What did I do?

I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a gift card then hid it inside one of my favorite books with a note that read "I loved this book.  You should buy it."  Barely took me 5 minutes, but it was so much fun!  I wish I could be there when it is found, but that could take I'll just check back periodically.

I also left a "business card" at the scene.  See?

I blacked out the email address as it's a top-secret address that only those who receive one of my gifts will have access to.  

If you'd like to play along at home, I can send you the Word file of the business card - all you'll have to do is print it out.  Just send an email to MissVSpeaks (at) gmail (dot) com and I'd be happy to email you the file.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What would you do...

I've got a question for you.
(You don't know it, but I just condensed 2 paragraphs of blah blah blah into that one line. You're welcome.) 

I've been mulling over the way the media vilifies the bad guys these days. Someone gets caught doing something they shouldn't have and suddenly everything they've ever done is viewed through the filter of negativity.  I have a hard time believing anyone is all bad though. question is this:
Suppose you have a friend.  This person has always been there for you.  They have listened to you and encouraged you.  They have performed countless favors, never asking for anything in return.  This is the one person in your life you could always count on to be exactly what you needed - whether it was a chauffeur, a chef, a counselor, or a cohort.  Got it?  This is your rock, and you have never seen them do anything remotely disconcerting.
But then you discover this buddy of yours is guilty of something heinous.  A murder, child or animal abuse, embezzling millions, masterminding a terrorist plot. Whatever.
What do you do?  How do you reconcile one inconceivable act with all those years of positive experiences? Can the friendship survive?