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Monday, October 15, 2012

Mock Me Monday - Going to the Dogs

I remembered this incident last week while talking to a friend.  I don't know if I've ever posted about it before - I'm too lazy to scan through a year's worth of Mock Me moments to see if it's been used.  If I have, then I've just saved you 5 minutes of reading!  

Years ago (sheesh, I've morphed into that generation where all the great stories begin with 'years ago''s the new Once Upon  A Time...but I digress)

Anyhow, not long after I started working in a law office as a receptionist/assistant  one of the attorneys asked if I'd be interested in house/dog sitting for him while he and his wife were away for the week.

Sure, no problem.  I like dogs and I'm a bit of a voyeur - I love seeing how other people live and he had a beeeeeooootiful home.

His dogs were two black standard poodles - and they were still pups so I had to get up what seemed like every hour to let them outside to do their business.  Half the time they were more interested in playing than going which was a wee bit frustrating at 3 a.m.

One night I came "home" from work to find the dogs had somehow made it into the house during the day and had trashed the place.  On closer inspection, though, they had only trashed MY stuff...including nearly a whole bag of pads which they'd torn to shreds and scattered all over the house and yard.  I spent hours scouring for the remnants - last thing I needed was for the boss to come home and find part of a pad in a shoe or under their bed. (I'm cringing now, 20 years later). 

I was mortified, but I think I got it all...if he ever found anything unusual he never mentioned it, Thank God.

A lot of you have dogs...what's the strangest thing they've ever destroyed?

It's been a long time since I gave anything away here - and I have arranged for an AWESOME prize...and you don't really have to do anything to win except what you are already doing.

In the spirit of Halloween, I have arranged to give away a 

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BECKY said...

Great story, Vicki! I would've been scared to death to dog-sit puppies! You were brave and it appears as if nothing "unusual" was ever found in the house! And as far as the strangest thing one of my dogs ever's hard to choose! I think I'll go with the entire bakery-sized white box full of Christmas cookies, including brownies and choc chip cookies, which are supposed to be deadly to dogs. That was Tiger and before her, Rocky also had a stomach like a goat...could eat anything..and did! I'd love to be entered into the contest!! Cool!

Bish Denham said...

One dog we had was a chewer. He chewed up my favorite chair AND a sofa. When we finally discovered he liked tennis balls he stopped chewing. I loved that chair...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Would've made for an interesting story if he ever did find anything!

LTM said...

argh! Dogs. That's hilarious, though about the pads everywhere. My parents had a dog that liked to chew on wood--! He was a big dog, and they had a wooden swing. The ends of it looked like toothbrushes that had been chewed by the time that dog was done. I swear... :p <3

Nicole MacDonald said...

Their full size single bed. It was a really chilly morning and they obviously decided the grass was too cold to lie on so they dragged it out - and obviously had fun with it as it didn't survive the process... Glenn came home to find Otis sprawled across the remains of the mattress looking surpremely proud of himself ;p Sable has also put her touch on every single outside seat we have. The concerning thing with that dog is she likes to consume as much as chew... and that has made for some interesting poo times... ;p

Val said...

It's a toss-up. The baby Beagle turned up on the porch with a stuffed red devil, like from a grabber machine at Walmart.

The adolescent German Shepherd snatched a UPS box off the porch, and proceeded to eat everything but the metal knife from my husbands Case Knife Collectible package.

betty baez said...

My dog never destroyed anything odd, but hubby has had some stories about his moms pit bull eating the corner dry wall smh angelgenius27(at) yahoo(dot) com

Kristyn Martin said...

Great story! I would love to be entered to win the tarot card reading. Thanks for the chance!

Mommylovescooper at gmail dot com

SS_Summer said...

Ooh I have always wanted to try a tarot reading but never gotten around to doing it!