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Monday, October 22, 2012

Mock Me Monday - The Car

I was wracking my brain tonight - trying to come up with a mockable moment to share...I know there are tons of stories left, I just don't remember a lot of them until something happens to bring it all rushing back.

I asked my kids to remind me of stupid things I've done - to embarrass them or whatever - and they (bless their hearts) came up empty.  Maybe they were being nice since I was running on 4 hours of sleep, I dunno.  I really thought they could deliver something I could use.

Anyhow, daughterling #1 was waiting for her date to come pick her up -- a first date -- and wondered if every car that went by was the fate would have it, the neighbors on either side of us got visitors right about that time so her hopes were raised and lowered repeatedly.  Poor thing. (He did show up and off they went s it had a happy ending)

It reminded me of a time when I was 16 and getting ready to go babysit for a new family.  I sat on the sofa watching out the window and waiting, waiting, waiting.

But nobody came.

I'm a if-you're-not-early-you're-late kind of girl, or at least I was before I had kids.  Anyway, I jumped  every time a car went by - and there was a stop sign a house away so the cars would naturally slow as they passed - playing evil tricks with my head.

And then I took another look at the truck parked outside.  I thought it was just a phone company truck - but what if I was wrong? What if the new family I was sitting for worked for the phone company and he was sitting out there fuming because I wasn't coming out?  He'd been there a good 15 minutes - about the time I was supposed to get picked up.


Convinced I was now the one who was late, I ran out of the house to the truck.  I think I may have even tried to open the door.  Meanwhile, the phone guy looked at me like I was an alien and I knew he wasn't my ride.  Oh God.  I ran back in the house and prayed for the Earth to swallow me up whole.  

He drove off a few minutes later (gee, I wonder why?) and the real ride showed up soon after.  On a completely unrelated note the father of this family looked exactly like Johnny - the old announcer from the original Price is Right...remember?

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LTM said...

LOL! You jumped in the phone guy's car??? That's HILARIOUS! :D And oh yes, I remember Johnny... Now I can totally see the dad.

Too funny~ <3

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Been funny if you had jumped into the car!