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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blah-Blah-Blog Tours

I was thinking about how blogging has changed for me over the last few years, and then I read Creepy Query Girl's post about Blog Tours losing their promotional "oomph".  Her original post his here - read it.  She says so much that I agree with, and it'll save me from retyping it here.

While typing my comment to that post I blathered on a bit much so I hit delete and decided I had enough to say for my own post.

I do believe that people have to work harder on blog tours, interviews, etc. to keep the content fresh and interesting.  But I'm not necessarily ready to point the finger of blame at the blog tour itself.  I think it might have a lot to do with our metamorphosis as bloggers.

Lemme explain.

A lot of us started blogging roughly about the same time.  Our blog rolls contain many of the same blogs.  We have effectively sorted ourselves into a "class" of bloggers.  

I think in the beginning it was all new to us.  When one of our buddies got published, we wanted to be part of the excitement and help them any way we could.  But as time went on and we participated in more and more launches, the shine wore off a bit.  Oh, we're still excited for our bloggy buddies but now instead of one request to help with a blog tour we've got five or six...or more.

I wonder if the new bloggers on the block - the 'freshman' are having better luck with tours since it's all still new to them?  



Jessica Bell said...

I think they are. I've noticed a lot more newbies drop by and comment on my blog recently. I think the key to maintaining one's blog is to always communicate with newbies.

Laurel Garver said...

I agree with Jessica. Those of us who have been blogging longer get fatigued. I wish I'd been trying to launch back in 2010 when my cohort of buddies was most engaged.

I now know that a big piece of my strategy has to be developing new relationships--being inviting and helpful to newbies.

LTM said...

Great point! And I think once we post a review about a book we like, next thing we know, we're getting approached for more. That can kind of wear the shine off, too.

The main thing is fishing outside our own backyards, like Susan Quinn said. Blog tours do work, but we have to get out of the comfort zone, yes? and it's hard! And time-consuming. :p

These are great thoughts~ :o) <3

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Agree with Jessica. Several of my newest blogger buddies are new bloggers. I also try to reach out beyond the writer-author blog circle.
I think the blog tour still works. I just have to think of some new tricks for my third and final book when it comes out.

Al said...

Oh great now we are a clique!!
I think it comes down to time. Most of us cry time poor and in that situation we stay in our comfort zone