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Friday, September 28, 2012

Not Free if You Pay For It...

Recently while browsing at the store, I saw this puppy. 

The one on the left has 20 tablets for $9.82.  
The one on the right has 20 tablets PLUS 5 more "free" tablets for $15.94.  
If they were really free, shouldn't the box sell for $9.82?
If you're gonna try to screw us over, try not to put the boxes side by side on the shelf...

Oh, and just because it's Friday and I like it, here's one more pic for you:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Susan Says

Everyone should have at least one person in their life who can call them out on their crap - and find just the right words to light a fire under their hiney.

For me, that's Susan.  She gives the best advice, and always knows just what to say to lift you up when you need it.  She's amazing, and I'd loan her out but I'm probably gonna need her to set me straight sooner or later.

Recently she asked how my book was going.

I admitted I was just climbing out of the dregs - hadn't written anything new for awhile. 

My problem, I told her (probably thinking I was clever), was that when I wrote a new part, it often conflicted with something I wrote before so I had to go back and change it.

She (rightly) advised me against doing such a thing.

I replied that it was like walking with a pebble in your shoe.  If you have a mile to walk and there's a pebble in your shoe, you're not going to wait until you've gone the mile before you remove the pebble.  It's best to do that right away so you can move on.

I was rather proud of my answer, to tell you the truth.  That's exactly how it feels when I go back to fix something in the early parts of the MS.  I can't move on until I fix the issue(s)'s a definite pebble in my shoe.

But Susan wasn't distracted by my clever analogy.  She looked me in the eye and said, "There's a difference between removing a pebble and recreating the shoe. Don't recreate the shoe."


That's exactly what I needed to hear and I'm going to tape it to my monitor.  

Don't Recreate The Shoe.

What's the best cut-through-the-crap advice you've been given?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mock Me Monday

I started a new job earlier this year.  It was a bit of an adjustment at first - going from an office of 2 to an office of almost 70.  Just learning everyone's names was a daunting task, but I managed to master them in about a month.  I might have matched names to faces faster if I weren't working with engineers who never leave their desk / cubicle.

Over the summer, we were allowed to take every other Friday off, providing we worked our 80 hours in the previous 9 work days.  I don't mention this to make you envious, but because this is going to be my excuse for what happens next.

I got to work early one day, eager to impress my new coworkers and managers.  I noticed one of the managers -- besieged by questions from his direct reports -- was hovering near my desk.  

This could only mean one thing -- I was about to get my first "real" assignment.  YES! I would exceed expectations and wow everyone with my intelligence and competence.

He says, "I'll be right there.  I have to talk to Vicki for a minute."

This was it.  The moment I'd been waiting for.  He leans over and whispers, "Your sweater is inside out."

Uh, yeah.  I ran off to the restroom more than a little mortified.

Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaack...I think

Boy, when I take a break, I take a break! 

It's time to come back, but I'm a little apprehensive.  I feel like a recovering alcoholic lingering outside a bar wondering if I'm about to relapse.

The problem?

I love blogging so much it tends to take over my life.

Which wouldn't be a bad thing if I had the ability to stop time and accomplish everything I'd like to in a day...but until I learn to make physics bend to my will, I gotta be a little more diligent about my time management skills.

A lot has happened since my last post....

I quit one job and started another 
     (and I'm LOVING it!)

I lost the last third of my book

I got my gall bladder out

As I tried to rewrite it (the book, not the gall bladder), found myself writing absolute CRAP

so I'd give myself a pep talk and try harder but it resulted in even STINKIER crap

and even though I was on blogging hiatus, I'd  read your blogs on the sly...

only reading about all the book deals and rewrites and WONDERFUL, AMAZING things you've been up to put even more pressure on me to get my act together...

which resulted in me writing such POOPY, STINKY, CRAPPY, EWWW, I decided I needed to walk away for a bit.

And I did.  No blog reading at ALL.
I stopped checking my email for MONTHS

I don't want to say I was depressed, but I was definitely STUCK and not in a good place.

But things are better now.  
I'm writing again, and I'm LIKING it.  
It's slow, but it's GOOD.

And I'm here because I've started composing posts in my head again...and I'm tired of talking to myself. 


Tell me - what have you been up to?  
Who do I need to congratulate on a new deal?  
Who needs a pep talk?  

And who's ready for the return of Mock Me Monday?