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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fast Line Review

My darling son, of Cody Quote fame, has requested (ahem, more like demanded) that I post a review for his latest creation: Fast Line.

As dictated by Cody Rocho:


Fast Line is a graphic novel of Cody proportion. It's about a gang called the Fast Line and their adventures in human/ninja form.

PuppyCody is the antagonist, but only appears on two pages in Chapter 1 - The Suit.  The Fast Line gang (Crusher, Shredder and Poker) are the main protagonists. Shredder invented the things they need for their secret fortress. Things he invents during the story are: a black, puppyly suit, a metal sword, a human body, a human head, a tobor, an invisible wall (during the foreword), and a scifi copy machine (also during the foreword).

Poker mainly likes to watch Blues Clues tapes that are very old (the ones with Face in the promos).  The only one that was actually caught watching his Blues Clues Animals tape.  But he was seen arguing with Crusher.

Crusher likes to inspect the fortress.  And mainly he's found arguing with Poker.

In Chapter 4 the Tobor is very disturbing and scary.  But in Chapter 5, he was seen dancing with all the others as the Fast Line gang was doing "The Evilness", a time where the Fast Line gang messes around with their swords.  Their name (the swords) are also named Fast Line.  But in Fast Line 2, which won't be coming for a very long time, the gang decides to rename their gang.  The new name is a mystery!

The sixth chapter is an activity and transcript chapter.  On the back, there's a picture of Face the Horse saying "Horses need to walk on their own". Also, it shows the video game PuppyJr. 7 and Fast Line 2, and the third PuppyCody comic book will be coming.

The last page is neat info about the author.  But Cody just wants to say he's very sorry for the black things (the marker leaked through the page) as he did the media that's coming soon with a Sharpie marker.