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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Liner Wednesday

The problem with scheduling posts ahead of time is that I forget that 2/1 or 2/8 = Wednesday, so I've kinda forgotten about One Liner Wednesday for the last few weeks. Woops.

The last thing I wrote this week was a reminder to myself.

Before it can be great
It has to be

So what was the last thing you wrote/read/said?


BECKY said...

Hmmmm....the last thing I wrote/read/said? Last thing I wrote, as in "writing"? I've been TRYING to write something for the Erma Bombeck contest and it just isn't happening.... :(

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

so profound, ms. v!
the last thing i wrote in my current wip:
"I feel like a failure."

Dawn Ius said...

Last thing I wrote was the final line in a chapter I'd been struggling with: The man’s dark eyes flashed with realization and then faded to black as the arrowhead ripped into his chest and sliced his still broken heart in half.

Last thing I read: an article on the amazing self-publishing success of Amanda Hocking.