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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cody & Puppy Part II

I'm still MIA, but my son has informed me tonight that I MUST post the next installment of Cody & Puppy.  So here goes:

Slide 1: This is Cody & Puppy. Cody is the one on the left with the hair and the blue eyes.  
Puppy is the one on the right with the fur.
Slide 2: They have fought bad guys
Slide 3: Cody and Puppy usually went to their treehouse
Slide 1: One day Cody and Puppy heard a sound
Slide 2: So they went to check it out
Slide 3: There they found ANOTHER plane

Slide 1: It had a label this time
Slide 2: Kidnappers have arrived
Slide 3: So Cody & Puppy disguised as them

Slide 1: The kidnappers thought there were new members so they kidnapped someone from the kingdom of puppies
Slide 2: But then
Slide 3: So Cody and Puppy went to get help

Slide 1: So an officer told them they will try and stop them and if they failed Cody and Puppy will have to fight them.
Slide 2: So the officers went in their offiplane
Slide 3: The officers failed. (Cody note: the dot does not count as part of the painting)

Slide 1: So Cody and Puppy went to fight the kidnappers
Slide 2: The End

Good work Cody!  Don't forget to write about the Treehouse of Doom & Boris the Puppy Boss!

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Cody is going to grow up to be a famous cartoonist!