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Monday, January 30, 2012

Mock Me - True or False

We're going to do something a little different today.  I'm going to tell you two short scenarios and you tell me if it's true or false.  K?

#1 Snowday
My husband is one of those rare breeds who actually likes to shovel the sidewalk/driveway after it snows.  That's all well and good, but because he works nights, there are quite a few mornings where I have to go out and shovel before the kids head out to school.

One morning, I did the driveway and came into the house to wake the kids up.  My coat was damp from the snow, so I tossed it in the dryer.  After a whirlwind morning of waking, feeding, and supervising the kids, I grabbed my coat out of the dryer and headed to work...where I discovered a pair of underwear stuck to the back.  I was mortified.

#2 The Fight
I'm peace-loving by nature.  I don't like arguments or skirmishes of any sort.  The one and only fight I've ever had happened in 3rd grade.  I had a friend who was a little on the prissy side, which irritated me no end.  Why we were friends in the first place is beyond me -- we were complete opposites. 

So one day at the bus stop she was showing off something she'd written -- she had very even, loopy handwriting which I've always sort of admired since mine is much more irregular and angular.  I know now I was kind of jealous, but at the time it just pissed me off that she was showing off this page of cursive writing she'd been practicing.  I got mad and told her off.

We argued all the way home, and out of nowhere she ran at me, so I held up my lunch box -- the only thing I had to protect myself with -- and she ran into it.  (Not the brightest crayon in the box).  She told her mother I HIT her with it, though...and her mother had to come over and have a talk with my mother.

Now that I'm all grown up I can't believe I actually got into a fight over handwriting.  How lame is that?  

Okay, which one gets your vote?


Sarah Pearson said...

Both of these sound completely plausible, but if I really have to pick just one as being true, I'm going to go with the second one. It's so nuts, it has to be true :-)

Val said...

I vote for the noggin-knockin' with the lunchbox. It's harder to fabricate. Thank goodness your nemesis did not win the penmanship medal. (Have you ever seen The Bad Seed?)

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

I'll take Lunchbox Lunges. Just sounds so you!

Miranda Hardy said...

I'm with the 2nd one, too. Just sounds too real.

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

ahhh... letmesee...
i KNOW you are a pantymagnet- so that one seems very, very true.
but i also know you have a lunchbox fixation inherited by your daughter... which kind of bothers you. my analysis being you are bothered by her lunchbox obsession because it reminds you of this deeprooted childhood trauma... on the otherhand you prefaced this by saying that you're not violent by nature... which i kinda doubt. i think you have hidden angst- especially against lunchboxes and toilets.... so falsey for the second.
how'd i do!?!?!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The first one sounds like you (no offense!) but I'm going with the lunchbox fight.

DL Hammons said...

Number 1 is true! Yep. Absolutely!! :)

LTM said...

BOTH! omg. Is this a trick question? I can totally see both are true.

Now what do I get? :D

you so funny~ <3

Little Ms J said...

I really hope number one is true because that is just HILARIOUS and I need someone else to do really embarrassing things like me. :-)

DJ said...

okay sister mine number one is true cuz a similar thing happened to Dad once only he pulled lacy toddler panties out of his pocket in a fancy restaurant...never fazed him