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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Love Honor & Obey

I have no idea whether or not I promised to love, honor, and obey my husband when we got married almost 19 years ago.  I could probably dig out the VHS tape  to refresh my memory

(really ought to think about converting that to DVD) 

but I really don't want him to know he has concrete evidence against me if it turns out I DID.

That obey thing?  I'm not so good at it.

I can love all day long and honoring is a breeze.  But obey?

Not so much.

A year or so ago I wanted to paint the family room downstairs. I was going with two tones of blue separated by a white strip.  

(I'm going to have to repaint it one of these days because it reminds me of a Pepsi logo.) 

Anyway, I wanted to paint the trim around the windows white -- as well as the shelf running along the East wall.  He, on the other hand, was adamantly against it.  You don't paint wood. Ever.

Kinda sounded like my dad, but whatever.

One weekend he went out of town.  Coincidentally (or maybe not) that was the same weekend I'd planned to paint the family room.

We now have white trim.

I'd been hinting at pulling up the carpet -- at least in the back bedrooms -- where we have hardwood floors lying in wait.  For whatever reason, he likes our carpet.  It's an awkward aqua color, but he likes it and has repeatedly stated his case against pulling it up.

This past weekend he drove to Missouri to do a little golfing. That just happened to be the day I cleaned daughterling's room from top to bottom.

She now has hardwood her closet. 

He has clarified his position: No more carpet comes out. Ever.

I promised to least until his next day-long road trip.


Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

You are still a great way to start the day.
My mom always did things when dad had golf outings or business away. Now I think about it I wonder how he ever relaxed on those golf trips knowing there was a "surprise" of some sort waiting. :)

Janet Johnson said...

LOL! Obey is such a fickle word. I probably would have just argued until I won. ;) So is that still obeying? Hmmm . . .

BECKY said... are so hilarious, Vicki. My only problem is that The Ronald never goes out of town, on business or pleasure, unless he takes me, too! BTW, I've been wanting to paint my kitchen wood cabinets white for a long time...he's like your husband. No Way! You don't paint wood! They obviously never watch HGTV!

Carolyn V said...

lol! That's a great way to get things done. I'll have to try it. ;)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You are one sneaky woman.

Jolene Perry said...

That's hysterical.

I HATE carpet. I have ONE room with carpet in my whole house and only because it's the big box room above the garage, and only because it would echo and my son screams really loud and my husband refused to have a house where there was NO carpet at all.

BUT, I'll win him over eventually and we'll have hardwood EVERYWHERE...

Julie Musil said...

OMG that's so funny! That'll teach him to go out of town!

One weekend, loooong ago, my two sisters and I were naughty girls. Our hubbies went out of town together for a guys weekend and we spent the time shopping. By the time the guys returned, we'd each bought a bunch of new furniture!

Elizabeth said...

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Amy L. Sonnichsen said...

Oh how funny! I definitely think husbands should leave home decor up to their wives (in most cases). Obedience shouldn't even be an issue on this one! He should say, "Honey, you know best," and step away! :)

Sarah Pearson said...

Heh, he'll never leave the house again :-)