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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looking Ahead

For all my scatterbrained moments, I am a generally intelligent woman who plans ahead as much as possible.  Let's face it, with three kids you never know when one of them will throw you a curve ball (or just throw up) and leave you scrambling to piece together Plan B, C or D.  Still, it's helpful if you have a plan to begin with, right?

For example, I've spent the six to eight months saving every penny that came my way so I could go to Mexico for the first time ever.  I had a special checking account set up at the bank and refused checks or debit card.  The only way I could get money out was to physically go into the bank and ask for it.  This kept me from squandering it every time I walked past a pair of boots on sale.

As the date of my trip neared, I did the incredibly smart, forward-thinking thing: I transferred the balance from the special account to my regular one.  My flight left early on a Saturday morning so I planned to run to the bank on my lunch break the Friday before to withdraw the cash I wanted.  That way I didn't walk around with a load of cash and risk losing/spending it.

I spent a chunk of time trying to determine exactly what denominations I wanted to take with me.  My expert travel consultant/sister (hiya Lynners!) suggested smaller bills as they come in handy for tips and I worked it all out.  I even wrote it down.  I wanted X number of singles, Y number of 5s and 10s and Z of 20s. 

Only I never got to the bank.

Turns out I'd failed to plan for one MAJOR factor. 

Veteran's Day.

Yup, I'd completely forgotten my magical day-before-vacation was a holiday and therefore the bank would be CLOSED.  

I also learned the bank's ATM had a paltry daily withdrawal limit.  I didn't know this because I never go to the ATM. 

It all worked out in the end, but the moral of the story is don't plan too much because Fate is rather territorial and she will take you down if she thinks you're encroaching on her turf.


Sarah Pearson said...

This is exactly the sort of thing that would happen to me! I have things all planned out and then forget some small, but totally important detail.

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

Part of me was saying, "Oh poor Vicki" as I read. The other part was so tickled that I'm not alone in doing this sort of oops! planning.
Glad you had a good time though. You did, right?

Karen Walker said...

OMG, I would have had an absolute meltdown. But how was Mexico?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Oh no! Crap, I never use the ATM either.

Carolyn V said...

No way?! I'm glad you got things worked out. Did you have a good trip?

DL Hammons said...

Bahwahaaaaa!!! You crack me up EVERY SINGLE TIME! :)