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Friday, January 27, 2012

Cody's Fears

Cody read my list of irrational fears yesterday, and wanted to make his own list.  So here we go as dictated by Coders (I only fixed a few things here and there for clarity.  He referred to himself in third person.

Cody's List of Scary Things
  1. High ceilings.  Cody is scared they will fall off and crumble on him like on computer games and at the movies.
  2. Turned off TVs.  Cody stays in his room when he has to go to the bathroom in the early morning, because the living room TV is off.  We have a TV downstairs, but he'll only go downstairs after school to play Wii.  He can usually turn this one on himself without getting too scared.
  3. THX. Cody really hates the THX logo/sound at the beginning of movies.  He will hide in his room (or any room without a TV) until it is completely over.
  4. Bad days at school. Cody is afraid he will get grounded forever if he has a bad day at school.
  5. Going to the store.  Cody is not only afraid of the high ceilings in most stores, but he is also afraid  of the managers -- they always seem to kick him out. (Mom says: This has never happened and I didn't realize it was something that bothered him)
  6. Thunderstorms. Cody is afraid of the sound of thunder.  He's also afraid the power will go out -- because then the TV will be off and he won't be able to use the computer or even see in the bathroom.
  7. Commercials. Cody doesn't like the State Farm commercial with the "thing" that was out to get Dwayne.  He's also NOT a fan of the Priority Mail commercial with the freaky clown doll or the  Mentos commercial with the kung fu spider.
Good job, Cody!  

Speaking of commercials, do you have one you love/hate?

Cody has requested I update his list of fears, so here we go:
1. High ceilings still freak him out
2. Turned off TVs only bother him if they are the old tube-style.
3. Cody has overcome the THX / Moo Can fear recently.
4. Bad days at school -- he's in middle school now, so he has a bigger fear of getting expelled. (he's a good kid, really....this won't happen)
5. SPIDERS (gotta agree with him on that one!)
6. Thunderstorms -- Just like the dog, he's very uncomfortable when the sky starts making noise.
7. State Farm commercials are no longer a problem, and the Priority Mail commercial is fine, but the Mentos commercial is still unwelcome.
8. Not being able to draw...he has a passion for drawing which he does mostly for his own amusement though the rest of us like to see what his imagination cooks up.  If he is unable to draw, whomever keeps him from it will face the consequences (his words)


Sarah Pearson said...

A very interesting list - also, what an excellent way to find out some of the stuff that bothers him.

DL Hammons said...

Those are too cute! And I'm right there with him regarding that priority mail freaky clown!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

What hasn't he been telling you about store managers? Don't blame him about the clown.