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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cody Quotes

It's been awhile since I posted a batch of quotes from Coders.  He has specifically requested a new installment.  I'm not sure when or how it happened, but he stumbled across my blog and is now my biggest fan.  (Hi, Cody!)

Cody is an expert researcher.  When he is interested in something, he likes to look it up online.  He loved malls there for awhile and would study mall directories. Then he loved elevators and escalators.  We took him all over town so he could ride them.  (Cody - do you remember what brand of elevator they have at the airport?)  These days, he's into computers and operating systems as you'll see by some of his quotes.

Cody: You were born in time for the release of Windows
Me: I was? When did that come out?
Cody: 1985
Me: Wow. I was 15.  I didn't have a computer though.
Cody:  When did you have a computer?
Me: I think it was 1993
Cody: What version of Windows did you have?
Me: I think it was Windows 3.1

(I just asked him when Windows 3.1 was released, and he said "Nineteen Ninety....question mark")

I happened to get a new laptop for Christmas (and it's a beauty!).  The minute it was unwrapped, Cody got a little growly.  A few of his gems:

"I always wanted a [Windows] 7, but I'm stuck with the nasty XP"
"This XP gives me a migraine"

I let him help me set it up.  I left him alone while I started prepping for dinner.  I hear him say "I'm bored with this." and then "I'm editing."  I went to check on him and he'd taken all the files from the flash drive and saved them on the desktop.  The screen was COVERED with document icons.  I can't work with that kind of visual clutter so I had to remove them (Sorry, Codes!)

One day, he took sister's glasses.  Amid a chorus of "be careful" and "don't break them" Cody announces, "I just want to see the world through Kiersten's eyes"

One morning, Cody was especially sluggish.  We're on a tight timeline in the mornings so I had to keep  waving his breakfast in front of him to get him to eat. After several bites, he asked for his chocolate milk which I provided. His sister says, "He's treating you like his slave." To which Cody replies, "Actually slavery is illegal now." 

Cody woke up, ran into the living room.  (looking backwards on the couch) "Mother, tomorrow is Thanksgiving"
Me: Yes it is
C: So I'm telling what I'm thankful for
(turns around and kisses my cheek)
C: I'm also thankful for the pugs.

While watching Alvin & The Chipmunks newest movie, I get this:

C: Mom, I have something to tell you
Me: What's that?
C: The blue one - he's smart just like me
Me: Yes, he is!

While trying to brush his teeth before school:
No wash cloth in the sink on school days. Quit being sloppy residents."

Cody, I hope you had fun reading these.  You can read your other quotes by clicking HERE


Sarah Pearson said...

These made me smile. I especially loved the one about his sister's glasses :-)

April Plummer said...

Too cute. Kids are the best. Especially when they surprise you. I love that remark about his sister's glasses. :) He sounds like a fantastic kid. How old is he?

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

teeheehee! coders is the coolest! dude- i didn't know that windows came out in the eighties!?!?! wow! thanks for teaching me something cody!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I can't do the document icons either! One short row is all I can handle.

GigglesandGuns said...

Thank heaven for flash drives. Right now I have two vertical rows on my desktop and the anxiety is unbelievable.

Love spending time with Cody.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the smile. The one about the sister's glasses was priceless.