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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New & Improved - Cody Quotes

On the way back from dropping daughterling off, Cody and I were singing and being silly in the car.  Then he asked me if I was an "evil singing wizard pirate mother"?
Yes.  Yes I am.

But that's not even the best part.  I gave him my cell phone and asked him to text me my new title so I could remember it.  I talked him through the process (no way was I gonna text and drive, you see).  When we got home and I looked at my messages, do you know what he sent me?


We had to send a note to school recently because Cody has been mispronouncing our last name.  It's Rock-oh for those of you who are curious.  Everyone else calls us Roe - coe or Roach-oh.  Normally this is no big deal, I'll answer to anything, but I figure a boy ought to know how to say his own name.

So after this big production, he was playing on the computer when one of us happened to say "Rocho" and he piped up:
"By the way, that is correct."


Me: Cody, what did you learn from the car book?
C: Nothing....but the secrets of life.
Me: Wow.  The secrets of life are in the Honda manual.
C: Yes, actually.


While watching a show on TV recently, Cody became very agitated.  I asked him what the problem was and he said:
"Not happy about this the graphics are bad."  Turns out the show was not using capital letters for any of the words on the screen.


Who says kids aren't impressionable?  After seeing an Aleve commercial, Cody said:
"I have arthritis pain" When I asked him where it hurt he replied "Everywhere"
Might have to screen his commercials from now on.

TEXT Exchange
9:53 Daughterling to me:
If I give you two dollars will you bring us lunch today?

TWO DOLLARS? What are you eating, skittles?

9:55 Daughterling:
...Three dollars?

What is this, an auction?

9:56 Daughterling:
My belly desires chicken nuggets and a dr. pepper

I dunno.  Feeling cheap after that doctor bill.

9:58 Daughterling:

(I didn't see this one, so at 10:11 the phone rings)

D: Mooooooooommmmmmy?
M: What, are you hoping the sound of your voice will melt my cold, icy heart?
D: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
M: (laughs)
D: I have $3.50.
M: I like auctions too, but I'm more interested in services than cash.  Are those dishes going to be there when I get home?
D: I don't know...................(but clearly getting the hint)
M: Yeah, I'd definitely like to see those dishes done.  And maybe you should tell your sister to start the laundry...


Not sure where this gem came from:
"What would happen if i teleported into your eye?"


This one doesn't take any additional explanations:
"Mom! She touched me with her pee germs!"


While tucking Cody into bed...he really likes it when I go cross-eyed.  He tries to mimic me, but can't quite do he sticks his tongue out and touches the tip of his nose.


I laugh and show him that I cannot reach my nose.  So he leans forward and says:

"Do it to my nose"

So I lick his nose, he wipes it off and goes to bed.

Cody visited me in the office awhile back.  He confirmed the name of the company I work for then said, "Rename it (Boss' Name) Industries and put up a sign tomorrow so you know it's your workplace"


Ad on TV: Qwest is now Century Link....

C: I don't want Century Link. 
M: Me either.
C: I want Qwest. They need to bring Qwest back.
M: Yeah!
C: We've got to fight for Qwest!  We've got to fight for our good companies!


Billboard I saw this summer:

Your wife is hot.
Time to get the Air Conditioning fixed.


And finally, an original Cody joke.

What sound does a tree make?
Give up?

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~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

OMG Vicki! I was cracking up reading this. I love getting a glimpse into another family's life, and your humor and skill with well-chosen words and awesome pacing does it so well. Thanks for the smiles this morning!

Creepy Query Girl said...

So cute! I especially loved the secrets of life in the hundai manuel. LOL

Shannon said...

Cody is so awesome! Totally had me laughing. Thanks for the morning giggles. <3

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

So, do you answer to Woof now?
And I'm sure most wives don't appreciate that billboard.

Carolyn V said...

Aw! Cody is so awesome. lol. What a great family you have. ;)

Jules said...

LOL, so I need one of those Honda manuals and a vaccine for Pee germs. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow