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Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Funnies

I'm still unplugged, but I decided I needed to share some funnies with you. It's no fun laughing alone!

Be warned, though...they're not ALL family friendly.


And put that coffee/tea/milk/soda/vodka DOWN right now.  Major spewage potential on the other side of these links.

THIS collection teaches us that placement is everything.  

Hysterical.  That's all I have to say. 

CLICK ME to read about a relentless office prankster
Oh, and be sure to click THIS ONE to see more about the Bieber prank from the last link.  

Then there's THIS set of funny signs.  And THIS one too.

If you laughed at these, you should just bookmark  Seriously.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Let's Celebrate -- CONTEST!

I'm still unplugged, but I'm breaking radio silence because....

One year ago today, the fabulous Jen at Unedited hosted the Guess the Character Blogfest where I wrote about Murphy for the first time.  

Ahhh, how the time flies. One minute they're nothing but the tiniest spark of an idea and the next thing you know, they're interrupting you and taking over your world. 

I'm so proud of Murphy.  It's not everyday you get a chance to raise a demigod, and he can be quite a handful, lemme tell ya.

Since today is his birthday, it seems like we ought to celebrate somehow, eh?  And because I am unplugged and don't want to have to add up points or verify followership, let's make this SUPER easy.  

To enter, let me know when your birthday is in the comments below.  We'll keep this open until -- well, until I close it.

I will pick a winner at random and send something.  Vague, I know. How about if I guaranty the prize will have a minimum value of $20?  Better?

Maybe it'll be a gift certificate. 
Maybe it'll be a box of chocolate,
Maybe a bag full of pens and Post-Its.  

Or maybe it'll be a gift certificate good for chocolate covered Post Its.... (You never really know around here)



Enter now...when is your birthday?