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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mock Me Monday - Part DUH

I already posted a Mock Me today, you can read that below, but I just pulled a grand one so thought I'd give you a two-fer today.

My kids don't have school today so I had a little extra time.  I was determined to catch up on my bloggy visitations.  I developed a system that works pretty well:

  1. Go to Google Reader
  2. Click "All Blogs"
  3. Click on blogger name -- this takes me to the list in Reader where all Joe Schmoe's or Jane Smiley's posts are
  4. Click through to Joe/Jane's blog.  Read & comment.
  5. Click back to Google Reader
  6. Click "mark all as read"
  7. Hit the back key (this takes me back to "All Blogs")
  8. Repeat from 3-7
Simple enough, right?  I've used this system before and find it's a great way to make the rounds because I'm doing it in chronological order and not alphabetical, so the end of the alphabet isn't penalized.

Problem:  I clicked "mark all as read" while I had "all blogs" highlighted
Which means I wiped out every unread post with one click.

I wish Google Reader had a Control-Z (undo) feature!


Jessica Bell said...

U-oh! :( You'll just have to read randomly :o)

Jules said...

I'm still trying to figure reader out. It is once place you have to pay attention or puff gone, read, come back later :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Lydia K said...

I still use my Blogger Dashboard. I never clicked with Google Reader. My bad, probably!

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I use the Blogger Dashboard, too. I find Google Reader to be more work (and work and I are not on speaking terms).

Bethany Elizabeth said...

I also wish life has a control z feature! :)

Theresa Milstein said...

Google Reader should have a Control Z/Undo option!

I hate when I've written a long, thoughtful comment and when I hit "Enter", blogger had a problem, and it's lost. I try to remember to Control C - Control V first.

Copyboy said...

Hey that's pretty google-riffic. That's for the tip.