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Monday, March 7, 2011

Mock Me Monday - The Mail

Every day after work, I take the day's mail to the post office.  This particular day had been rather hectic, so I had a stack of regular mail and two Fed Ex envelopes -- with a drop box conveniently located right outside the Post Office entrance.

Without thinking, I deposited the Fed Ex envelopes into the mail slot instead of the actual mail.

Some not-so-nice words were uttered.  The Post Office was closed, and the Fed Ex guy would arrive for pick up in ten minutes. What to do?

To complicate matters, I knew that according to Federal Law, once you deposit an envelope into a mail box, it becomes Federal property, and you lose all rights to it. Even if I managed to rouse someone from the back room, they didn't HAVE to give it back.

I called through the mail slot, "HELLO? I need some help out here" I heard voices in the back, but they either ignored me or didn't hear me. I tried again.  Nothing.

I knocked on the door employees use.  Still nothing.

I saw a button that said "press for help".  I pressed it quickly.

It was loud. Air-raid-siren loud.  Now the whole flipping crew would know about my mistake.

Eventually a very nice lady, who had waited on me many times at the front counter, opened the door.  I told her what I did -- mixing up deposits. She kindly took the stack of letters I had meant to mail and returned ten seconds later with my Fed Ex envelopes.


That'll be the last time I make THAT mistake.

I hope.


Al said...

Ouch Embarrassing!
At least you realised your problem then rather than
when the FED EX didn't get delivered.

Jessica Bell said...

Oh no! LOL At least you got them back. I know you're on hiatus, but if you have time to drop by my blog today you might win an aqua notes pad and pencil ;o)

Angela Felsted said...

Great post. I love how you aren't afraid to laugh at yourself. Letting you know also, Courtney's poem is up at

Katie Mills said...

LOL! You poor thing. Have you ever left your debit card in the machine? Or is it just me who was fortunate enough to do it TWICE in once year? lol

Theresa Milstein said...

Figures it would be a blaring sound. But at least it kept you from committing a federal offense!

Ann said...

Air raid siren loud is loud indeed. But it got the attention you needed. Kept you from serving time behind bars!!! Is there a story there?

LTM said...

wow. Our P.O. doesn't have an air-raid siren... oh, that it did! :D

where are you, Miss V? I miss your honkus~ :) <3