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Monday, March 14, 2011

Mock Me Monday - Hurdles

Life is full of hurdles.  I'm sure we're all in agreement on this, right?  

Generally speaking, my hurdles are fairly low to the ground and well-spaced.  I can totally handle any of life's metaphorical hurdles.  Real ones, though, are another story.

Every spring, my school would have a "field day" for students in first through sixth grade.  I'm not a particularly athletic person, but participation was mandatory and it was a day out of the classroom filled with track-and-field type events.

In fifth or sixth grade, I took first place for the long jump.  Not only did I take first place, but I set a new school record.  For a girl who specialized in being invisible, this was a pretty big deal.

So in 7th grade, my friends and I went out for track.  Bear in mind this was such a little school that there weren't any 'try outs', you signed up, you were on the team. All the sports were like that.  One of the nice things about going to a small school.

Have I mentioned I hate to run?  My friends weren't runners either. We went out for track more for something to do than to work on our athletic abilities. To whip us into shape, we were to run laps around the residential neighborhood by the school.  I'm not sure who started it, but someone started cutting through yards to shorten the run.  I thought it was brilliant--until the lady called the school and asked us to stop.

Another day, the coach had us try all events so he could schedule us in events we excelled at. I was okay with this until he asked us to try to jump over the hurdles.

I told the coach I couldn't jump.  He wouldn't listen.  We all had to jump over these things. It was as high as my waist, yet I was supposed to leap over this sucker while running.  I'm not sure why he failed to recognize this as a recipe for disaster.  Sure, some of the girls were able to do it, but they were considerably taller than I was.

Eventually it was my turn...and I tried.  I did.  I took a good running start, and jumped -- and fell.  I knocked the hurdle over.  It actually looked more like I tackled it than anything else.

Oh, and did I mention it was raining?

And that the genius coach set up this particular hurdle right by a mud puddle?  Are you connecting the dots here or do I need to do it for you?  Not only did I crash into the barrier I'd been expected to leap over gracefully, but I wound up in a mud puddle.  

That pretty much sums up my time in track.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

No way I'd ever try hurdles!

Katie Mills said...

awe, poor vicki! Ugh, the hurdles still freak me out. I'm not a very tall person either but thankfully I was never forced to do them.

Jen Daiker said...

I bet you avoid hurdles like nobody's business now. I've never been a fan of them. I ran cross country so that during my gym hours I only had to foucs on the time it took to run three miles. Never had to jump over a hurdle!

Carolyn V said...

Oh, that is cruel! I don't do hurdles well. Running around them is so much easier.

LTM said...

that just doesn't sound fair... :o\ And lord, I would never've tried hurdles... brave soul~ :D <3

Tamara Narayan said...

I was pathetic in gym--the girl they'd give four tries to hit the softball--ugh! Just let me strike out in peace, guys.

I know you've been on hiatus, but I gave you an award anyway. Stop back at my blog sometime for a Monday Misdemeanor you won't believe.