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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Man of My Dreams

Hahaha! Made you look!

I have a feeling that subject line is going to come back to haunt me...but since you're here, we might as well get on with the post, right?

It occurred to me that I hadn't talked about Craig Niedermaier in a looooooong time. I'm treading a very fine line here, though.  If I talk about him more often, he's more likely to stumble across this blog --  but if I do it too often, I'm gonna look crazed and obsessed.

I've never had a restraining order issued against me, and I'd kinda like to keep it that way.

So, Mr. Craig Niedermaier of Chicago...where are you? Don't you ever Google your name to see what's out there?  Aren't you curious why a complete stranger in a neighboring state keeps bringing your name up?  

I have a twisted sense of humor, but other than that I am completely normal, I swear!  Ask anyone.  

Just email MissVSpeaks(at)gmail(dot)com I'll tell you the whole sordid story.  It might even make you laugh!

The rest of you:  Hope you're having a great weekend!


aspiring_x said...

team neidermaier!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Maybe he changed his name or something?

Jen Daiker said...

If it's true about what Alex said.... what a jerk! Let's just hope that he's still out there and secretly stalking you, cuz that'd be awesome!


Janet Johnson said...

Too funny! Someday, Vicki . . . I know it'll happen! :)