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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If You Have Kids...

If you have kids, you have GOT to find yourself a copy of American Girl's Tiny Treats book.  I found my copy at a thrift store and couldn't resist it. It's a whole booklet of miniature snacks for kids.  Very creative and fun stuff.  

 Here are a couple of my favorites:

Mini donuts:
These are CHEERIOS!  How clever is that?

These mini cakes are frosted Oreos (two stacked):

These are tiny pieces of toast, Tootsie Roll, and white chocolate melted with a yellow M&M

I LOVE these.  Use the rind from a lime as a mold and pour in red Jello

There are so many other really cool ideas.  Like I said, if you have kids, you totally need to get a copy of this book.


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Jolene Perry said...

Okay - those are awesome :)

Jamie (Mithril Wisdom) said...

Even as an adult, I think those are awesome :D Oreo cakes, whoo!

Anonymous said...

My kids love American Doll. There is one up in L.A. we visit. I'll have to remember these treats. The oreo mini cakes are cool and something I would eat!

Katie Mills said...

Those are SO neat! I was a huge fan of american girls back when they only had the four dolls available. I had Kierstan, my sister got Samantha, and my littlest sister had Molly. I was so sad to see that the original dolls aren't even available anymore! poo on that! I'm hoping to get my daughtes interested in them eventually. I know they'd love those mini treats! how cute!

Angela Felsted said...

Wow, Vicki these are super creative. I love it!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Okay, now I REALLY want that book! :-)

LTM said...

why do I have to be a kid for this??? I LURV teeny little treats! Makes me feel like Alice~ :D <3

Mary Vaughn said...

Mini anything is too time consuming for the short pleasure. You make extra and we'll call it even. LOL

Clarissa Draper said...

What a great book! They are super tiny. I'm glad it's for kids because I like my desserts super-sized.

Jules said...

Oh man, now I have something new to do with my Cheerios just think I have been eating them plain for my cholesterol. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Jemi Fraser said...

Those are AWESOME!!! The Cheerios cracked me up! :)

Chris Phillips said...

The watermelon one is pretty rockstarrish.

Michelle Teacress said...

I love it when people play with their food. :) I'm adding this to my wish list. Thanks for the heads up!