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Friday, March 4, 2011

I wanna live in a sitcom

 I was thinking recently - while butting heads with my headstrong daughterling - that my life would be so much better if I lived in a sitcom.  

I dare you to disagree:

  • all the problems (no matter how dire) are solved in 30 mins or less
  • the mother always knows exactly what to say to reassure, encourage, or chastise her family
  • the kids actually communicate with their parents!
  • they live in cool houses 
  • the house stays clean (sometimes the kids' rooms are messy but the main rooms are always spotless)
  • no more work -- people on sitcoms are never seen working 
  • no more exercise -- people on sitcoms don't exercise either and they always look great!
  • endless wardrobe -- have you ever seen anyone on TV wear the same outfit twice (reruns don't count)
  • sitcom families get to go cool places and meet famous people

I can handle an audience of complete strangers laughing at me every 30 seconds (c'mon, is that really that much different from my every day life???) if there is peace and harmony at the end of every episode!  

How about you?  Anything you'd like to add?


Carole Anne Carr said...

Wonderful post!!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Unfortunately, my fifth grade students believe they are the stars of their own sitcoms. They feel the need to shout out zingers and snappy comebacks to everything I say. (Because that's what happens in school on TV -- Have you ever seen a teacher actually teach??)

I tell them: "This is not a TV show, and if it was, YOU would not be the star. The star would be ME!" :D

Jennifer Shirk said...

Me too! Their hair and makeup always looks good and they're never depressed or sick. LOL

Matthew Rush said...

You should watch the Showtime show Shameless.

Katie Mills said...

I suppose it depends on the sitcom. My one complaint is that its rare to see anyone on a sitcom eating actual food. You can tell their pretending to drink coffee out of an empty cup or the food just sits there and they pick at it without actually taking a bite. I just couldn't live like that....;)

Karen Walker said...

Well, let's see, Meredith Baxter, the mom from Family Ties, just came out as a lesbian and has written a memoir stating she was in an abusive marriage and was alcoholic - and hiding all of that. So, no, I don't think so. But it sure is a nice fantasy. When I was growing up we all wanted to be in the family of Father KNows Best and Donna Reed.

Little Ms J said...

Yes, but the sitcom kids always end up with DUI, embarrassing romps in bushes with underage teens or senators and everyone tries crystal meth. I think you're pretty golden.

Mary Vaughn said...

I think your life is a sitcom of the bes kind. Love it and enjoy it, we are.