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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brawl & Haul Finale -- BLACKJACK RULES

What a fun week it's been around here.  THANK YOU for making our celebration so much fun! 

If you don't know how to play black jack, here's the scoop:

Face cards (J, Q, K) are worth 10
Number cards (2-10) are face value
Aces are either 1 or 11

The GOAL is to hit 21 exactly.
If you exceed 21, you "BUST"
The tricky part is knowing when to "hit" (ask for another card) because you risk going over.

Hit 21, get TEN entries into the grand prize drawing.  That's the 10 page Sarah LaPolla critique or the fantabulous gift basket of assorted themed items INCLUDING a $40 Amazon gift card. 

Bust (anything over 21) we'll give you ONE entry into the drawing for the grand prize.

Everything in between, (less than 21) we'll give you FOUR entries in the grand prize drawing.

I'll also be giving away my left over prizes that weren't won earlier in the week.

Remember you must be a follower of both blogs.  My sign up is at the top of the blog, and Janet's is HERE.  And all winners will be announced on Monday April 4th.

Still confused? Here's more instructions:

1. In the gaming post I'll open at midnight, comment "I'm In" or "Deal 'Em" so I know you're ready to play.

2. I'll post your cards and email you when they're up (remember I have a day job, a lot of this will have to be before/after work or on Saturday)

3. Evaluate your cards and if you want another one, put "Hit Me" in the comments.  

4. When you want to stay, put "HOLD" in the comments so I will know you're done.

5. Hop over to Janet's blog, read the interview with Sarah LaPolla at Curtis Brown and let Janet know:
a. Prize #1 (critique) or Prize #2 (basket/gift card)
(it doesn't hurt to tell us one last time...and if we can't find your preference, we'll decide for you)

b. If you blogged/tweeted/facebooked/side barred the Brawl & Haul contest (5 pts)

Ready?  The game post will go up at midnight (Iowa time).


Angela Ackerman said...

Oh my what fun. I wish I wasn't heading out for the day--maybe you'll both play again some time and I'll get in on it then.

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Anonymous said...

I'll have to look for the gaming post.