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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The War Within

I've been doing my best to make smarter food choices this year. I do a great job until about 8:00 every night -- that's when the munchies set in.  

That's also when the war starts.  It goes something like this:
(H = my head; it demands healthy               S = my stomach; it wants num nums)

S: I'm hungry
H: No, you're not. You're bored.
S: No, I'm hungry.  What do we have to eat?
H: There's a banana...
S: I don't want a banana. Is there any ice cream left?
H: No.  No ice cream.  You'll put too much magic shell on it and probably whipped cream
S: We have whipped cream?
H: No! No ice cream. No whipped cream.
S: Well, no banana.
H: How about some popcorn?
S: Can I put butter and caramel sauce on it?
H: No!  Just popcorn.  But you can have a Diet Coke.
S: I don't want plain popcorn. Hey!  How about pretzels?
H: Sure. As long as you measure out a proper serving...
S: Do we still have that melting chocolate for candies?
H: Yeah....but you're NOT putting chocolate on the pretzels. 
S: harumph
H: Hey - I think we have oranges
S: No. They're a pain to peel
H: I'll peel it.  Remember how sweet and juicy that was the other night?  It was better than candy
S: hahahahaha.  Nothing is better than candy.
H: So, whaddya say?  Shall I get the orange?
S: No. I don't want a freaking orange. I want something YUMMY.
H: It is yummy.  And it's good for you.  
S: !!!!
H: !!!!
BOTH: Ahhh, f@&! it.

If your resolution was to eat healthier, how are you doing?


Meghan Schuessler said...

My resolution was to eat healthier AND lose weight. Some days are a lot easier than others. Unfortunately hormones (esp 4-5 days out of every month) make it a lot harder to resist the calling of bad foods (chocolate, brownies, cookies, mmmmmmmm...) :(

Dan said...

Ha! Good stuff. Now I want rocky road with butterscotch magic shell.

Mason Canyon said...

Conversations like yours is the reason I didn't make any resolutions for healthier eating habits in 2011. LOL

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Jennifer Hillier said...

Oh man, I can so relate to this. 8-9 pm is my worst time for fighting off cravings, too. It's usually when I'm chilling out in front of the TV and all I want is to munch on something totally not good for me. So I feel your struggle. :)

Jessica Bell said...

hahaha! That sounds like me at night. Glad to hear toher people have munchie voices!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, healthy things like bananas, oranges and carrot sticks do NOT stop my hunger pangs. Rather they work like appetizers, and send me to the kitchen searching for something more substantial...

Kristi said...

LMAO!!! loved accurate I swear you've been in my head at night!

Bish Denham said...

ROFL! I'm on a pretty restricted diet because of the Crohn's so many of the things I loved to munch on are out...chocolate, nuts, raw veggies, a lot of fruit. Boohoo. But...I've still got my mac and cheese!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

I get to eat extra calories bc I'm breastfeeding. Still, I'm trying to make healthy choices... failing, as I type with one hand... the other hand is holding my breakfast plate: eggo waffles.

Carol Kilgore said...

LOL! Sounds like me. I'm doing so-so. I could do better. S nearly always wins but hasn't been too greedy so far.

Carolyn V. said...

Oh man. I read your post and instantly got hungry. LOL. I'm trying to eat better too, but that chocolate is so hard not to eat!

LTM said...

you could have a handful of nuts! Or you could get some dark chocolate minis and have two of those... And w/dark chocolate you can feel good that it's packed w/antioxidants... :D LOL!

I'm a big eater, so I have to run run run to keep up w/my mouth. Sorry. :p but good luck~ <3

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's funny!
So far the bananas and oranges are winning in my house.

Clarissa Draper said...

We go on holiday and my husband buys a box of chocolate. Not with 12 chocolates but 12 huge bars of chocolate. Try saying no when it's calling me from the freezer! So basically, my diet is not going well.


Nicole MacDonald said...

*lol* this is like my 'rational' voice & 'silly' voice thing, I love it!

Errmmm still working on the healthy eating thing.. might help to cut my serving sizes down a little.. and get up for my run in the morning... kinda hard to do otherwise..

Next week! Then I'll start *grin*

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Bethany Mattingly said...

My resolution was to make a conscious effort to actually think about what was going in my body and it hasn't been so bad. The munchies start at 9p.m. for me, right when I'm in the middle of homework. And I begin the chips vs. carrots debate. It is very heated:)