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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

Once again, I've got more ideas than I have time to develop you get random quotes from my children...
(Just as a point of reference, Coders was completely non-verbal until he was 3.  He's come a long way in 4 years)

C: These lips are out of service today.
Me: Your lips are out of service?
C: Nooo.  The LIFTS are out of service [bus service--it was snowing]
Me: Oh.

C: We need to get rid of the girl
Me: ??
C: We need to sell her.
Me: Who do we need to sell?
C: That girl - my sister. We need to make a garage sale and sell her.
Me (trying not to laugh)
C: But not for a dollar.  Her price should be a penny.
Me: Sorry, we can't sell your sister.

Back when the flu swept through the house, I was tucking Coders into bed.  I grimaced when my stomach clenched.  He noticed:

C: Are you getting the flu?
Me: Yes, my belly hurts
*lean in to kiss him goodnight*
*pulls away*
C: Don't get any symptoms on me!

Coders was in the bath tub.  Kbear came in to go potty.  He asks why she's there.  
Me: She has to pee.
C: *gasp* You used a bathroom word.
Me: Yes.  I used a bathroom word.  How would you say it?
C: I would say the yellow water comes from the hangy thing

Coders is sitting next to me trying to draw an Otis Elevator in a six floor Target store on his MagnaDoodle. (oddly specific don't you think?) 
He is frustrated that he can't do it as well as he'd like.  He erases the picture for the umpteenth time and starts over. I glance down and he's drawn "The Bird"...yes, a picture of a hand with the middle finger extended.  I say, "Cody!" and he erases it super-quick and puts a hand over my mouth so I can't tell anyone what he did.

I tried to talk to him about it later.  He got very uncomfortable, squirming, not looking at me, then I see him fumble with his fingers until he had his middle finger extended, but he points it down and says, "this means shut down".  So he thought flipping someone the bird = 'shut up'.

I didn't correct him.

C: JCPenny at Greenbriar Mall in Chesapeake Virginia is an upside down trapezoid

The lovely Miss Shannon has a new writing sample up for critique.  It's not mine (not that I'd tell you if it was - defeats the purpose of being anonymous), but hop over and see what you think.  CLICK ME CLICK ME


aspiring_x said...

HA!!! that coders!!! :)
i love these! :)

Katie Mills said...

lol- 'shut up' makes sense right? priceless!

Bish Denham said...

ROFL. Your son in a load of laughs. You're going to have to watch out for the boy...but then you probably already know that.

Clarissa Draper said...

That's so funny.

When we were visiting family recently, my husband said, 'Well, I guess you're SOL.' (I guess he thought it was better than saying the real thing.)
However, my niece then came up to him and asked, 'What's SOL?'
My husband had to think a while before saying, 'It means So-Outta-Luck.'
She shrugged and walked away happy. But later, she's walking around the house saying to her brother, 'I guess you're SOL.'
I can just imagine her at school now trying to explain knowing that acronym to her teacher.

Kristi said...

Love, love, love these snippets!!!

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Kids are hilarious! I have a son named Cody too. (Did we ever talk about that?) We call him the Code-Man. Don't know why... :D

Jules said...

"Yellow water coming from the hangy thing." Sounds like an architect to me. No wonder he was not happy with his elevator. :)

I just love kids but only the ones I can return before their expiration date. :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Your kids are so cute.

My 6 yo insisted I share the M&M's you sent me because she shared her cold with me. Gotta love kid logic. ;)

Jolene Perry said...

Kids are hysterical.

LTM said...

only a penny? Was that your 15 yr old? ;p omg *snort* and *snort* again!

Girl, don't be germing up the baby AND using foul language around him... gah! :D <3 this~

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Your son drew the bird - priceless!