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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We did it!

Thanks to all of YOU I passed 10,000 views yesterday!  The awesome Emy Shin captured THE screen shot of the year:

When I started this blog back in April, I got all kinds of excited over a single comment -- who knew I'd hit 10,000 views by the end of the year?  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I've got epic computer battles to wage tonight, so I'm posting an impromptu challenge so I can go get my war face on.  

Can you overcome the following cliche?

The snow sparkled like diamonds.

Yes, the snow does sparkle in the sunshine, but the whole diamond thing is overdone, right?

How about:

The snow sparkled like a Vegas showgirl.

They do sparkle, my friends.  More than any ol' vampire ever did.  They invented the bling and the sparkle.

Your turn.

The snow sparkled like.....what? 


Shannon said...

Congrats on the views, Vicki! Well deserved!!

My brain isn't functioning properly at this early hour, but here goes...

"The snow sparkled like the eyes of a hopeful bride."

Have a great day.

Oh...and we have another anonymous critique today that needs feedback!

Candyland said...

Poop. I forgot to come back! Anyway, congrats!!!

The snow sparkled like a thousand tiny diamonds glimmering against a sheet of iced wind.

Matthew Rush said...

Congrats! That's awesome Vicki.

I have no idea how many views I've had, but I've had over 5000 comments, which is pretty nuts.

aspiring_x said...

congrats on the tonload of views!!!
hahaHAHAAAA!!! vegas showgirls sparkle!! HA!
The snow sparkled like the fallout of a used firework.

Mary Vaughn said...

Aren't you so special? Yes, you are! Way to go Vicki!

Talli Roland said...

Woooooooooooooo! Fantastic! What a great Christmas gift.

Have a fantastic holiday season! xx

Nicole Zoltack said...

Congrats! That's awesome!

Jolene Perry said...

The snow sparkled like the vampire cutout who's staring at me from Vicki's house.

Jolene Perry said...

CONGRATS ON YOUR VIEWS!! I've never checked my stats.

Jennifer Shirk said...

The snow sparkled as if it were sprinkled with glitter? (That's pretty bad, huh?)
Oh well.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The snow sparkled like a million shards of broken glass.
Sounds a bit harsh, doesn't it?

Meghan Schuessler said...

Congrats on getting to 10k! =)

Janet Johnson said...

Congratulations! Very cool. :)

And hmmm . . . the snow sparkled like a sparkler. Yeah, not so good. . . . like fireworks . . . like the broccoli in the microwave (it really does) . . . like tinfoil in a microwave. Maybe that would work. ;)

Julie Musil said... my grandma's false teeth!

Oh, and congratulations on 10k. I don't even know how to check that stuff. Maybe that's what "stats" is for on Blogger. Who knew?

Merry Christmas!

Lydia K said...

Sa-weet on the page views! Woot!

Sparkled like...sugar crystals on a cookie.

notesfromnadir said...

Congratulations on 10,000 views! That's a LOT in such a short amount of time.

The snow sparkled like white sand on a tropical beach.

Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss vicki! wow you did it! you got all those views! how cool is that! for me i dont see much snow but we got just a little the other day and maybe were gonna get some more. i could think the snow sparkled like my eyes on christmas morning and that a lot of sparkle. :)
...big hugs from lenny

Jemi Fraser said...

that's a lot of views!! Woohoooooooo!!!

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